Monday, 11 July 2011

My new car

I have been driving daily the same van for the past twenty years, don't know why I choose 
it maybe due to can load more people , instead of going out in two cars we can do in one.
I'm sad and guilty should I choose to sell my van that serve me well over the years

My Humble Van

Well its time to look replacement as now mainly for 2 persons only I will look for small
passenger car. Being limited budget I guess it will leave me only the national car and 
being informed by Chai -P2 is the better car , so one day I drop in to have a look at P2

At the P2 showroom, I  test the seating position and asked mum to seat at the back. Straight 
away said not comfortable ,not spacious enough.

I choose MYVI for my new car.

Next choosing auto or manual transmission.I still prefer manual as I don't think I will
 get used to auto as being manual driven for so long and will be funny esp. you're left feet will 
not get used being idling. Just like driving bumper unnatural
What do I get from driving manual transmission
1) faster pickup 
2) fuel more economy
3) cheaper repair than auto
4) Automatic transmission cars cannot be push started -only manual can
5) You have better control of the car with shift gear
What do I regret not choosing auto car
1) gear changing upon stuck in traffic jam
With 5 pro I should be correct choosing manual right? However most will choose
auto , it is just my preferance.
What colour to choose? The Myvi is available in five colours,
 five of these being metallic – Ebony Black, Glittering Silver, Medallion Grey, Pearl White and an Ivory White 
solid shade
why not ?
black-black car is much warmer due to ability to absorb heat
white- white car has ability to reflect heat but difficult to maintain clean, dirt more visible
silver- colour look dull not attractive enough

final colour choice : Medallion Grey
Final selection model: MYVI 1.3 SXI
After getting the new Myvi a few months after , the new Myvi was launched.
However what it does is merely …
Changed Bumper.. changed spot light, changed shape, changed audio system..and engine still 1.3 liters
and you have New Myvi~
I am not sure whether I would buy this model, but certainly the old Myvi model was still my good buy than 
this New Myvi
after seeing it I still love my current car as it still has a more sporty feel in my opinion.
. .... Look more like a feminine look car now..
So happen when I go to P2 ,my car being delivered to the P2 place by lorry transporter just arrived.
I was told by the salesman on which car to watched it unload ,only within a week after getting loan approval. 
Asked the salesman to get a good registration number but he is unable so he recommend
me to go to JPJ to get the number tender vehicle registration
I had wanted a 6813. but somebody got it first, so had it changed to 3816. paid RM200 for tat
Not superstitious but I don't want to stuck with number like 1414 or 1458 nor I think
having number like 4848 or 1818 will immediately bring wealth to you.
A record bid of RM300,100 for Malaysia car plate number registration "MCA 1".
On the day to collect my new car, the old van won't start , probably thinking I have
abandon it wanted revenge. Luckily colleague from different departments help me to get it
 jump start but still I have to rush to Mantin to replace the  battery.
Once reach Seremban the sky turn dark and strong thunderstorm and rain brought down the trees making
it difficult to reach the P2 sales office.
Its been 5 months now but still has not driven to my workplace as the roads potholes still 
not repaired and do not want it to damaged the new car.
As for the van I am still driving and have no intention to sell it yet despite having few potential
buyers as my mum still attached with the van as it brought so much memories.
Latest..i have finally drove to my workplace on Saturday 9th July 2011.Not a special date 
except some rally B2.o but because the van driver seat spring has broken. Need to get it
replace next Saturday.


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