Thursday, 22 December 2011

merry xmas

As we inch closer to end of December we will come to celebrating Christmas which will be followed by new year countdown 2012.

Nowadays, Christmas is becoming less and less personal and more towards commercialization. Many people will be caught up in shopping frenzy that we tend to forget it is celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ.

For the record Jesus was not born on 25th of december,rather it was just a date set asideby the church to celebrate the birth of Jesus. There are argument that Jesus never said to remember His birth until He comes---quite the contrary, our Lord said to remember His death until He comes.

I am confuse that Merry Christmas to some is not to be celebrated as is an early English phrase that means "Mass of Christ". The word "Mass"  does mean "death sacrifice".So by saying saying, "Merry Christmas", they are saying "Merry death of Christ!".

Santa claus , reindeer and snowmen has stolen the spotlight from Jesus. We have forgotten what Christmas is all about. While it is not wrong to spending lot of money on food and gifts,we should ask Jesus to forgive us ur sins and thank him from all our hearts. Also spending quality time with our family and friends and bringing together those that you love.

Joy and Peace to the world. Merry chxxxxxxx or rather Merry holidays and Best Wishes for a happy new year .May you have the gift of faith, the blessing of hope and the peace of the world.

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