Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Chinese New Year 2012: Year of the Dragon

Chinese New Year or in China is called  "Spring Festival" is half way 15 days of celebration. The Last day of lunar new year is known as  Chap Goh Mei (in Hokkien).

This year I accompany my family to temples as they pray for good luck, good health and good fortune throughout the year at Then sze koon temple, Cheng koo temple and Dong Zen temple Jenjarom.

One thing that I don't like during this festival is the fire cracker noise. My stupid neighbour won't stop playing at odd times, so irritating as I tried to get the night sleep.

Those poor dogs which has hearing 10 times more sensitive must be so frightened as I can hardly hear the barking all night. I don't know why they still want to lit the fire crackers or fireworks as these thing can be very dangerous and lethal.

Although every year we being told action will be taken to charge those who fire the crackers and the fireworks but it is fruitless as so far has not seen any action.

Just last week in KK Sabah, a man instantly killed when he went to check a malfunctioned fireworks which exploded in his face. Not long after that four people were killed and 50 injured by an explosion caused by a Bangkok fireworks display celebrating the Chinese New Year.

Even seemingly harmless sparklers can cause many injuries when little children without guidance wrap their hand around it.

Fireworks or fire cracker can turn a joyful celebration into a painful memory as happened above, so even with the professional public fireworks the mistake or danger cannot be foresee.

For the sake of safety all fireworks including professional public displays of fireworks should be banned. Let celebrate Chinese New Year with joy and peace on earth and get rid of yearly firework tragedy.

There's no such thing as "safe fireworks".

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