Thursday, 12 January 2012

finder keepers

My Mother and I had dinner at a restaurant which near to our residential area. After dinner we walk back to the parking area, mum suddenly crouch down. She smile and said "I found money on the road".

It was RM30 in 3 x RM10.00 note. It was lying on a road waiting for someone to collect it. So what would you do if you found RM30 on the street? Would you try and track down its rightful owner, or would you be tempted to pocket it as your own?
If it is a small sum of money it will be a case of finders keepers and if there is a wallet with ID, you would made a make a report with your local police department, correct?
However it is a large sum of money I don't think I will keep it and If you still feeling guilty about it you can either donate it to a charity or church.
We have all been taught the old saying , "honesty is the best policy" and we should return items found to the rightful owner, but it all depends on the circumstances and remember What comes around goes around.

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