Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Glee the Graduate

I can't believe how fast time flies. My little petite niece has graduated from Sunway University College.It seems like yesterday when she started to reciting the alphabet.

Last Sunday, I went to attend my niece graduating convocation at Sunway Pyramid Convention Centre (SPCC) with my mom,sister and brother-in-law.

cute little girl graduation day

Before the convocation started,just like all the rest, graduating students are required to wear three items: a robe,a cap,and a hood. She need to paid academic robe with Convocation Attire Deposit RM300.00 which is refundable, just for assurance that you don't dirty the rental attire.

It is also customary of friends, parent and relatives to send flowers to graduate at the graduating convocation and some will have a hard time picking the Convocation Flower which usually comes with a graduation teddy bear.

Why teddy bear and can't it be some other plush toys like angry birds?

 I don't know which one to choose

Just across the road , a photo printing shop does a brisk business as we patiently wait for my niece turn for graduation photo packages.

Some of the graduate are not sure how to wear the hood as it does not provide a "How to Wear a Hood manual".Although my sister and brother in law have experienced in wearing a hood, to be sure they asked the photo shop owner to comment.

She reluctant to eat anything prior to beginning of convocation which started at 5pm as she is nervous. While mum and I waited at the shopping mall till it's over as only 2 persons are invited in.

As the convocation ceremony end, graduates are hurried out to take a final group photo at the outdoor convention hall stairs.

I was expecting to see the graduates follow the tradition of throwing their hats in the air but may be its ban because of injury if the corner of the hat hits the graduates.

Before leaving the convention, many can been seen taking photos with friends, family and fellow graduates. Most of them will be holding scroll and wearing robe, standing with parents.

As my sister and niece went upstairs to return the graduating attire, my brother in law went to look at the display photo of convocation ceremony sold. By chance he saw the photo of her daughter but still has to double check with us.

Just like superman , your eyes can be fool by the attire? The price is RM100.00 for the one priceless photo. Worthy it as my bro-in-law said as it is taken by a professional photographer.

My niece explained in the photo, the chancellor must have have notice her hands sweat as she was nervous and and her heart pound as she waited her turn to be announced.
He joked, "Why you are still nervous as you have graduated?".

She is relief as the the convocation it's over and say like, 'Finally, it's over'. Yeah!..

Proud parent at graduation

Okay,Congratulations! You Have Graduated. Her mom grinned and said remember payback  time. Time to get the account numbers bank of Mum and Dad. She complained as she has not even find a job yet.

She may have graduate but beware it's a jungle out there in the corporate world.

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