Wednesday, 14 March 2012


Loner live a life of solitude

I don't believe we are born to be loners but I believe that our characters are moulded early on by childhood experiences.

A long time ago, I followed my brother-in-law to fetch my nieces from school.One thing I notice is both my nieces having  two very different characters.

One will comes  out happily with a group of classmates, putting their hands over the shoulder while the other will come out quietly alone.

To this day, their character remains unchanged. One have lots of friends, at one time she had mentioned," I think I have to sacrifice some of my friends as I have too many". She has no time to entertain all. Another is still a loner.

So how come one with so many friends? I think one of my nieces has the ability to makes friends. She has found many which share her common interest and bond over things like hobbies, music, people and stuff. A friendly gesture and sweet smile is a great way to start off a conversation.

My other niece is completely opposite personality. Shyness, lack of interest and always cautious about other has caused her to have few friends. I think she is fond of judging others. She need to understand the expression , “don't judge another person by the cover".

She must not keep saying to herself, “Why I have to change to suit others and why can't other people will change to suit me?". There are different types of character in a group of friends, some are always nicer. Another so-so. She have to learn to give and take in any relationship.

So if you don't like being alone, then no, you were not born a loner. Say it all.

While in workplace boundaries might be different from regular socialising. I can see informal group will be found when it comes to lunchtime as one with newcomer group, one with old worker group and one with managerial group.

So it is usually the blue collar in a group and the white collar group in the other. Except there was once my friend OKL which is more friendlier with the blue collar guys and will join me for lunch. A bit awkward?

No, the reason is  he work his way up way up the ladder to managerial positions. Therefore are closer to the blue collar guys.

So Some People We Clique And Others We Don't remain a mystery, must be some kind of spark or chemistry that interest in someone. Don't you think so?

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