Sunday, 11 March 2012

yakety Yak – Don't Talk Back!

I don't know why but it's just my mum or moms from all over the world have the same habit of nagging.

 I can't stand nagging from anyone especially from mum, she's like NAG NAG NAG continuously. This NAG is giving me a headache!
I don't mind if mom giving me a good advice and not just being a nag. My mother thinks repetitive advice is the best advice but I think it is better to persuade someone to accept your way rather than constant nagging.
Convincing someone to change their mind is the best way to change mindset. It has a better result than forcing someone to accept it.
Every time mum nag, I will imagine here comes the fly again. It just keeps flying around my head and it started to really gets on my nerve.
I just excuse myself and walk away rather than confront her.It would worsen the situation .
As a child you're likely to grumble and mumble when your mum BLAH BLAH BLAH NAG NAG NAG and told you not to talk back! You want to obey them because she know more than you.
Sound like from the song "yakety yak; don't talk back" but when you’re a grown man you trust your own judgements on right and wrong.

You are trying to get away from the phrase "MUM KNOW BEST".

My nieces protested," I have a huge headache, Mummy stop nagging" 

We are only human and talking back is a normally response when mum's wrong. Quite simply human nature.
Why can't mum think logically like let us sit down and discuss about this? Now that will be a welcoming to listen.

Nagging is very annoying. You can talk back and you never win as she will say things like, "You are lucky, I am still here to nag you”. You will never win this struggle.

I think mum will always treat us like we're little kid no matter what your age. Just like my aunt-in-law mother still showing concern by checking on her constantly even though she already have three grown up sons.
It is a vicious cycle where once your become a mum, nagging does come natural to you.Scary eh?

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