Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Being a Mother is the Most Hardest Job on earth

Mother love is unconditional love. Everybody knows that ,but what does it means?
It means that mom will love you no matter what you do , whether you are good or bad and despite you have any physical defects.

She just continue loving them in spite of these faults.

Every mom and baby have a process that they have to go through labour before delivery. Being pregnant for the 9 months before delivery can be a stressful and difficult task.

When baby born into this world.Mom and dad saw their dream fulfilled. Their prayer are answered.

Now the hardest part is taking care of the baby.

Every night mom can barely stay awake as she has to attend to the baby. The baby wakes up almost every 2-3 hours wanting to eat. It take a while for her to go back to sleep.She has to get up 2-3 times a night.

Being a mom is the hardest job in the world.One of the toughest and most rewarding.What is the most rewarding part about being a mother?

It's so rewarding to see your baby gave them joy every time baby smiled and every time baby cried, mom at you side caring for you.

As the baby grows daily , mom will teach them everything from walk to talk, from wearing to reading, from speaking to writing till the day you're able to fend for yourself.

Does having a great career pay off better than staying home and raise your children yourself? ...
No, my cousin who hold a high post in a leading insurance company but she prefer to resign from her post to stay at home to look after her child out of love.

I salute her determination to be a devoted mother.You are an inspiration to one and all.

Mom with sixties Beehive hair style and my sister looks cute ,some of them thought she was a doll 

My mom not only take care of me and my sister but has also been foster mother to my two nieces and babysitter for few other parents.

There are few incidents that show how strong bond of love between mother and baby. After a week or two staying with my mum, the babies refused to go back to their biological mother.

The babies did not want to go home. The moment their own mother bring back to their own house, the baby would cried non stop till eventually her mother has to bring back to my mother care. The instant  she put the baby to bed, the baby would stop crying.Oh no, no Sunday rest day for mom.

My sister left her daughter in the care of my mother many years ago.Some people will say baby will recognise their foster mother or babysitter as mom but my baby niece is able to know which is her natural mother.
When my sis go back to her home in another state, she bid farewell to her baby. Funny when the baby seem do not want to didn't budge and move her head from facing my sister.

She know that she has been left behind and not happy with it?

It's a natural instinct for a mother to try to protect her child whether is human or animal. Most animals are highly protective of their young. Be especially careful around newborn animals. The animal mother may interpreted as you're harming her young.

It is absolutely heart breaking to see natural mother abusing or neglecting their own child . Some human beings act worse than animals.

We always talk about animals has no feeling, Is It True?

Now this true incident happened at Simferopol Zoo in the Ukraine.This bear cub did something that really piss off the cub mom to incur her wrath.

She picks him up by the scruff of the neck and swings him around. Then corner him for a stern reprimand.

It probably sound like your mom scolding you,"How many times have I told you not to do that, why don't you listen to me.."

The cub stand up feeling a bit guilty, probably crying right now.

It end with a gently hugs the cub to her chest to let the cub know it all right now,I'll forgive you.

Ooh how sweet !!

Now will you still say animals have no feeling?

Discipline, Mummy Bear-style

Try to make more time to spend with your mother, no matter how busy is your schedule .Although sometimes mom a little bit nagging, trust me you're still and will remain a child in their eyes.

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