Monday, 25 June 2012

England out of Euro 2012

Football… you either love it or you hate it. It is the most popular and the most played sport in the entire world.

When you mention football people know what game you talking about but in America the name is called soccer, there football is another kind of sport to be love only by them.

New England Captain

England National Football Team

My favourite team is England and Manchester United. The year I was born,  England won the World Cup the first and only time. While Manchester United became the first English club to win the European Cup, two years later.

I'm not a glory hunter as when I choose my team that I supported ,not many titles in the 70's and 80's"....lots of bleak years, till the arrival of Sir Alex Furgeson.

It caught my attention when united won the 1977 FA Cup Final against arch rivals Liverpool, United won the game 2-1 as I started to admired the Manchester United's never-say-die attitude.

Thousands of years ago, the Chinese already played in a similar game and it wasn’t until the football rule is being written in England, the modern game of soccer that we play today.

The Beautiful Game as they call it always considered the poor man's game has evolved to pretty much Everyone's Game.

Men will question on why Women cry when they watch movies or reading novels. The same thing women will asked why Men cry over a team's loss? 

It is just a game? She will say. No it’s more Than Just a Game. It’s love, the passion, spirit and Great Unexpectations of the game. 

Defeat can makes a grown man cry as someone from ABC's Wide World of Sports often use the phrase “the thrill of victory, the agony of defeat”. 

In every tournament there are the favourite and the underdog of a team (who can forget Denmark – a last minute replacement that turn out to be the winner)

The drama - the hero and zero of a player can turn out to be, the scorer the winner goal will sure hail to be hero and the villain would be the culprit who let in the goal and normally the defender or goalkeeper are to be blamed.

This is new. Watching too much football can kill you? Say What?
Just recently in China a person spent 11 straight nights staying up to watch the Euro 2012 games and died while watching television. 

Apparently, it wasn't just a lack of sleep that did him in. A combined of drinking and smoking did the damaged during the marathon.

Have you ever wondered if you could be awake watching the live telecast in the early hour in the morning? No, eventually when your eyes close momentarily you’ll likely to fall asleep Zzz. 

As for me I will let my eyes closed and will automatically open when I heard the scream GOOOOOOOOOOOOOAL.

 So a lesson is to be learned here. Select only your favourite team when watching, unless you’re betting off course.
Wayne Rooney performs a bicycle kick ,sadly miss what could be the winning goal

Young and Ashley Cole missed their spot kicks

Alessandro Diamanti scores the winning penalty

England Out: The Penalty Curse Strike Again

England is out of the Euro 2012, yet again and it’s the curse of the after extra time penalty kick decider. I think most fans were less painful as they do not expect England can get anything more than a quarter final and it’s better to end here rather when England reach the semi finals.

 When expectation of England can go further so low, we would likely say, Oh really England lost? Without expressing much surprised.
Report card given by Peter

England players dejected - Better Luck Next Time

Poor History of England Euro past results

As for the next two team, France and Holland? Both expected to progress further, especially Dutch team dubbed to be one of the favourites for the EURO 2012 glory is surely the disappointing Euro 2012 when group stage exit.
France also failed to live up to expectations in Euro 2012 have a good track record prior to the tournament.
England can at least take some consolation as saying they have progress better then the Dutch.

At the end of the match,one hast to win and one has to lose.Losing on penalties can be cruel and heartbreaking. It also means that in the case of any mistakes, the right team may not win.

England needed a new manager to succeed as England manager and not just any Manager to prepare for the World Cup in another two years time.

It has to look for an inspiring manager to rejuvenate a Down and Out team. Where can they find a charismatic, energetic, confident and extremely well knowledge? Someone like SAF or Jose Mourinho comes into our mind but managers like that preferred to be club manager, not for national team manager. They prefer to managing week in and week out challenge and not a National team who train together only once in a blue moon.

Speaking of a high calibre manager when SAF finally step down, I hope Jose Mourinho can take over; MU sure can give him time to adjust when transition takeover the role of manager is hand over.

It takes SAF a number of years to finally make it good, I’m sure Mourinho will take less time to success as already a establish team in the current squad.

This manager with charisma of the highest calibre will surely required just a little fine tuning to turn Manchester United again to be a great and successful club in years to come.


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