Wednesday, 6 June 2012

My Cousin's Wedding

It's been a while since the last time I've been in a wedding. Unlike my colleague Toh who has being regularly invited to attend wedding. The last time I attend wedding I could not even remember when was it.

Just last Sunday I attended my cousin wedding dinner at a restaurant in Bukit Bintang KL. I bought my new GPS and this is the first time I used it to find our way from Seremban.

Together with my Mom, Sister and Brother in law , we made a trip in the morning.

Even with a GPS we have difficulty in finding the restaurant. The GPS cannot provide me with the exact location. So we have to go back to old school style, Yeah my brother-in-law got down and ask someone to give us direction.

A lesson for future wedding planner-

Make sure to include the GPS coordinates of the wedding location on the invitation!

We thought we have arrived late but as usual, the guest did not come in time as I predicted. The 12am noon sharp luncheon wedding only started at 1.30pm. A one and half hour delayed.

When my grandparents were still around everyone will gather at my grandpa home during New Year. The absent of my grandparents has weakens bonds with the family.

This wedding is a good way to for family gathering as long lost cousins and distant family members gather together to eat, drink and laugh together. Sort of Family Reunion.
Only about 10% family reunion here

There are so many family members I did not recognise as some has not seen many years.

It's a pity my uncle was unfortunate that he did not live long enough to see any of his three son’s wedding.

The door gift we received on each table seating is a cake made by the bride herself. She is a very enterprising Businesswoman and selling her own cakes creation by Internet ordering. Her business domain

Door Gift for wedding guest

I meant no disrespect to the gift but I prefer nyonya 'kuih' as door gift. What's it is?
Kuih which in Hokkien are snack or dessert foods made mainly from rice or glutinous rice.

All rise as here comes the bride, wrong song it was "Valentine"

Before luncheon started we were treated of a slide show of the groom and  groomsmen being made to do funny and embarrassing things before the bridesmaid release the bride to groom.

As usual the luncheon with a traditional 9 course Chinese meal. All the food was satisfactory except the shark fin soup.

The shark fin soup near-tasteless. What a let-down!

I think it’s time that traditional shark fin soup will be off the menu as the shark population experiencing a sharp decline in population.
My  Cousin Looks EXACTLY Like His DAD! ....
He has his father's face and height.Mom said he looks like Korean film star
Yam Seng! toast

At the wedding, the master of ceremonies, commonly called the "MC" handles very well even knows how to sing and crack a few jokes.

Font row- my 4th Aunt,  Mom and Eldest Aunt
Back row- The wedding couple mother, my youngest uncle and his wife

As the luncheon comes to an end , we bid everyone goodbye. The wedding couple and the relatives will stand in line at the door to thank us for coming.

We wish both a long happy life ahead together forever as husband and wife.

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