Tuesday, 5 June 2012

My Imaginary Wedding Planner

Why I’m still single? Probably I’m not rich or good looking? Blame it on Cupid?

I just hate to attend wedding dinner when those aunties will always making fun of me by asking, so when are you getting married?

The truth is I afraid that I might lose the person you love. So I do not dare commit myself to anyone.

You may think there are people who are foolish enough to put an end to their own life due to relationship that turned sour or what more commonly we call a breakup.

You never know until you experienced a traumatic hurt experience. Not all can get over it after being deeply in love.

They say ,”love will save you”, but I say ,”love also can kill you”.

Would you say Romeo is a fool for killing himself by drinking poison after Juliet made her appear dead due to an ancient family quarrel? Is Juliet also a fool when she wakes to find Romeo dead and kills herself due to grief?
Would you do the same thing and kill yourself if your "true love" died?

Today love is different. It’s the kind of love for another person is to wish that person well like in the movie ,Titanic when Rose sees that Jack is dead why doesn't she just die too?

She didn't give up because Jack wanted her to live badly enough to die for her. She was respecting his last wishes.

JACK: You must do me this Honor...promise me you will survive....
that you will never give up...not matter what ...
Rose: [letting go of Jack's hand] I'll never let go, Jack. I promise

I remember their touching words even now.

Not every relationship has a happy ending. We're all have different personality and sometimes thing don't work out.

What can I say. You're just not right for each other.
Should a relationship has to come to an end, we hoped that it could be done in a amicably way and without fighting or being abusive.

In the words of Bruno "Marry You"..

If we wake up and you wanna break up that's cool.
No, I won't blame you;
It was fun, girl.

But it's always easier said than done.

There's a case in Poland where a lady Dentist react badly to breakup by pulling out her ex-boyfriend teeth by tricking him after gave him a large dose of anaesthetic.

A lesson we can learn from this story.

You've heard the saying, "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned."

If you have no idea how a jilted woman would do, you should watch this movie "My Super Ex-Girlfriend"

When a regular guy dumps a girl, she make use of her power to make his life a living hell.
A scorned woman, Jenny/G-Girl unleashes the full fury of her super-powered , throws a live Great White shark into his ex bf new girlfriend's flat

Do I have a heartache experience? Too many to mention? Nah not even a close, maybe just one but I do remember in my childhood, I had a childhood sweetheart. My parents moved to another neighbourhood and our lives are on two different paths. I never see her again.

And they call it puppy love
Oh, I guess they'll never know
How a young heart really feels
And that's why I love her so

I'm humming to the song by Paul Anka.

I never dreamt of getting married , I'll stay bachelor until my dyin' day but its fun just planning my imaginary wedding!

Marriage is the uniting of two people and a journey towards the unity of two hearts. When the ‘BIG DAY’ comes you will never forget when you often reflect on it. You will come to live together with your other half and trust each other. Hoping your lives will be filled with joy whether in good times and in bad, when life seems easy and when it seems hard.

I imagine all the planning took place on line, with e-mails and Face Book will be the wedding preparation progress.

You definitely need a wedding planner checklist to keep track on important things like Wedding apparel, flowers, stationary, photography, and gift, contact number, etc.

Most important to determine budget and how much has been spent. Like a wedding budget spreadsheet as we do not want the budget got out of hand.
You can create a wedding invitation using photo shop 

By e- mail invitation to friends and relatives will be advantages as you can personalise your message to each individual and make them feel loved and respected. Other advantages you can get from emailing wedding invitation as follow..

• Do your own creative decoration ideas on invitation card using the available Photo shop soft ware.

•You can use maps and provide directions to the wedding venue to enable guests to reach easily. Provide inch-perfect GPS coordinates can be extremely helpful especially if you are not familiar with the area.

•Email wedding invitations can save you a fortune and also eliminate the hassle of visiting each and every invitee’s home personally to hand over the wedding invitation. However it’s less personal touch than invitation delivered by hand.

•The invitees will be able to respond if they can attend the wedding or not. Thus, you will get a good idea beforehand of the number of expected guests and prepare accordingly.

•You can also designate seating arrangements of the wedding guests.

Being a sentimental person I kept all the past wedding invitation for collection. Nope! It’s not for a record of who I must to invite back the friends who invited me to their wedding dinner!

Some invitation card still has to be printed as not all people are computer savvy.

Most of the design is standard design. I am thinking of doing a pop up card. You know like those children’s books when the page opens, 3D Cut out will pop up!
Something fun, a pop up wedding invitation

Very formal wedding will most likely be seriously boring for almost any age, so how do I make it interesting? Like waiting for one to one and half hours for the dinner to start, no wonder those guest will likely says, “No need to be so early- Malaysian time”.( Always late rather than early or not punctual ). Your stomach will be growling and your mood down by just waiting.

. Couple wedding photo

Slide screening on the photo for everyone viewing. Those days there use to pass the wedding album around the table. Wedding Photo Album - Studio and Outdoor Shots.

Couples sometimes give their photographer a shot list of photos that they don't want them to miss on their wedding day,like taking family photo shot.It's a once in a lifetime affair and therefore, should be planned well.
This is one of two iconic Titanic poses most copied

1. Make entertainment Ideas

You can invite a couple to promote ballroom dance from their  dance school or invite music teacher from Music School to perform. Both parties can benefit in this way.

A big no for wedding guest to sing karaoke as some of them are horrible singer. We can invite a selective friends that you know that how to sing beautifully.

2. Stick to the schedule.

No one expected to be perfect timing but some tolerance is expected. It depends on the majority of the guest as once I attendance a wedding whose guest mainly from small town. As I reach there only 10 minutes late, we were told we were late and dinner has already started!

We have encountered also the bride and groom late due to traffic but rare case.

Which works better, the carrot or the stick?

There is a couple that resorted to the lucky draw to encourage guests to arrive on time since it was a norm for couples at Chinese wedding dinners to wait .

I might follow that. That’s brilliant!

At a Chinese wedding banquet, eight course are usually served; the best course always start first.

Why can’t we start with the not so glamour course first? The latecomers won’t be so left out except for the lucky draw.

3. Don't let guests go hungry.

Provide your guest with snack and drinks and a little soft music to set the mood. Your guest probably come to dinner with a hungry stomach and most often the first dinner dish arrive the guest will gulp fast.

4. Plan a safe journey for guest

Make sure your guest get home safely. If the guest has too much drink, arrange transportation to send them home safely.

5. Consider your venue.

Be considerate where you pick your venue for wedding. Think of adequate parking space and the distance of the venue held.

6. Work your seating chart.

You need to plan how the seating arrangement of the wedding guest. By right, it will categorised into friends, co worker, relatives and if you bold enough invite all your ex GF into same dinner table.

7. Put a time limit on toasts.

I do not know why the Chinese like to go around the table to toast the drinks on guest? Yam Seng that’s right. One general toast will do.

This supposes to be the wedding couple happiest day of their lives. Not for the groom to wake up tomorrow and asked the bride,”What happen yesterday? I got aching headache”.

Just to be on the safe side, get a few of your drinking buddy to standby to replace you when toasting other tables.
Raise your glasses - Here's to the bride and groom! 

8. Get your best man to be your assistant wedding planner

Planning a wedding can be stressful, but when the day arrives, you will have to delegate someone to oversee all the unforeseen matters.

Wedding scheduler is essential as the happiest day of the bride and groom
has to run absolutely smoothly – there is no margin for error.

9. SMS randomly to key person for reminder

To add to personal touch, sms a day earlier to remind them of the wedding dinner and when the dinner is over, SMS them again to thank them for attending and asked them to drive safely. It happens once a wedding dinner, a colleague call to ask what time dinner will be started.

It so happen the “dinner” is a wedding lunch held at 12 noon. She missed it and she suppose to be the nearest to reach the restaurant.

10. Each guest will be provided a door gift token with picture of a personalised caricature of bride and groom add for a special touch of humour and a few laugh to display to your guests on the big day?
During Malay weddings the guest were given gifts of bunga telur or "egg gift".Also known  as
"flowery egg" are symbols of appreciation from hosts.

11. Throwing a beautiful, amazing, and spectacular and surprising wedding entrance dance sure will caught the attention of the guest. Sort of Wake up call.

 Needs no introduction on whose styles were copied!

Like JAMES BOND THEME entrance or Titanic theme entrance or maybe not as Titanic movie ending is so Sad.

12. Wedding song – Top of the list will be the most popular processional has been the often called "Here Comes the Bride".

Remix of song below, my favourite due to very romantic melody with such meaningful lyric.

We found love,Marry Me,Endless Love, From This Moment, I Finally Found Someone,I Only Have Eyes For You ,Tonight I Celebrate My Love For You,Unforgettable,When I Fall In Love,You Are So Beautiful,Lovin’ You,Close to You,Strangers in the Night,When a Man Loves a Woman,I Will Always Love You,Will You Love Me Tomorrow,Unchained Melody,You Are So Beautiful,I Just Called to Say I Love You,Wonderful Tonight,I’ll Be There,My Girl,Unchained Melody,Can’t Help falling in Love,When I Fall In Love,Have I Told You Lately,Saving All My Love for You,Time After Time,You’re the One That I Want,How Deep Is Your Love,Seal with a kiss,My sweet Lady,Stranger in the Night,Wonderful tonight,She , everything i do i do it for you, Have I Told You Lately,Nothing gonna change my love for you, Only you,I knew I love you,You're my everything,Endless love..

the list is endless.

It would be nice also to perform a duet with the bride and two songs that pop up in my mind are Endless Love and From this Moment.

Even more memorable if the groom can write a song dedicated to the bride or a poem to express his love for the bride.

13. Wedding vows-

While in church we use the conventional wedding vow, at wedding dinner we can add fun to wedding vow by saying,

You have the right to remain silent, anything you say may be held against you, you have the right to have an attorney present.

Will you please give me your handcuffs, give the keys to the handcuffs to the bride.(Use toys handcuffs)

You may kiss the bride.
You have the right to remain silent, anything
 you say may be  held against you

To start with other selected friends or relatives to renew their vows follow by the Wedding couples, follow by

Enactment of the wedding vows by having the wedding couples to act.

We've all seen the movies where a person halts a wedding in progress in order to get back the one they truly love. Have someone to impostor as a bride then the actual bride will be the one halting the wedding when the actor pastor says,”

Do either of you have any reason why you should not legally be joined in marriage. Is there anyone present who can show any just cause why these two people should not be legally joined in marriage?

She stop wedding as both brides will unmask the veil.

That will put the crowd into laughter.

I probably upload into the You Tube

14. Your first kiss-

That is in public of course. How can a wedding dinner missed out a couple exchanging a kiss as a married couple to display sign of love and affection?

15. Couple First dance

A first wedding dance is a special, once in a lifetime moment as couple's first dance as man and wife. I like Waltz dancing style as it is so graceful and elegant. When you dance you appear to glide around the floor with almost no effort.
A couple's first dance together signifies their union

16. A Unique Ceremony Ideas

There’s no better time than a wedding to get creative. And sometimes that means breaking with tradition. Maybe a slide show that showing what the bride likes about the groom and follow by vice verse, before showing the couples exchanging wedding vows

or in wrestling style introduction way..

Your master of ceremonies for this evening - Mr  ... Introducing on my left blue corner Mr. Wonderful ....(there are boos from the crowd) and in my red corner we have Ms Hot...(Wolf Whistle also from the crowd)

You knows the rule. Your wife is always right even when she's wrong.  What's yours is hers, and what's hers is hers.

I know the world isn't fair, but that life.  "So help you God!" .That will keep the crowd laughing.

17. Short Groom Speech

Many of us forget to say please and thank you and some of us never do.No one likes to be taken for granted and a simple "thank you" is much appreciated.

Make sure you thank everyone who needs thanking or you will upset people. Writing a short speech which is light hearted yet sincere and end with..

 I want to thank you for making our wedding such a perfect and beautiful day. Thank everyone for coming and that's about it !

Well, that's it from me for now my silly wedding planning imagination. Now it's back to reality for me.


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