Wednesday, 20 June 2012

UFO hit my windshield

Yesterday morning I was driving to work when I negotiating a bend, out of the blue a truck speed by and a pebble or stone chip from one of the tires hit my windscreen that cause a small star shape wind shield chip.

Bloody Hell!—what was that ?, I said to myself. You hear the sound 'pop' of the impact, but, don't know what it was.

I feel like in a movies which a pilot is going down and through the radio he will make the call,“mayday, mayday, I've been hit! I'm going down!"

Normally I would avoid following closely behind the lorry so that fallen debris won't end up in my windshield but this is unexpected at all.

Why me?

This remind me of my buddy, OKL a few years back he must be the record holder of the most windscreen insurance claims in a month. He got hit 3 times for the same month, altogether 4 times for that year.

The insurance agent said to him, "OH NO, Not You Again, Are You Sure?".

He replied, What?Do You Think I Have Nothing Better To Do?

I mention my misfortune to my other friend, Ah Chai and he answered, "If it’s bad, repair it, if it’s not then live with it."

Actually his theory is that I should not change it as the car windscreen still has the original fittings or part. After changing it although it look nice but once it rains the windscreen will leak if not properly install as my two other friends, Toh and Heng had gone through this.

All new cars will have dent mark on the car bodies or windshields will get hit by a pebble or stone sooner or later. If it does not distort your view or the crack is minor you need not change it. My brother in law car has crack like a oval shape with a diameter about three inch in the bottom part of the middle windscreen has been using a few years now.

I just went through my car insurance policy and learn about my comprehensive car insurance does not cover windshield. Is it worth buying extra insurance coverage for broken car windshields?

As this thing is unpredictable or unforeseen , it's good to have one. I shall buy the cover next year.

FYI- Windscreen (for Comprehensive Cover only)

Covers the breakage of glass in windscreens, front, rear and side windows. The damaged windscreen will be replaced and your NCB will not be affected.

[Premium Charged - 15% of the Amount Insured]

Windscreen used to a single pane of glass in the past. Should any mishaps occur they will break into pieces big and small thousand of pieces. It started with a crack in glass and will continue to spread like a spider web until it destroy your entire piece of glass. 

A brief moment of panic as your visual of the road is restricted.

Manufacturers have improved safety by creating laminated glass also know as double layer. It is a type of safety glass that holds together even in the event when shattered.

Laminated glass repair now is possible for minor impact damaged as long as the break does not penetrate the second layer of glass.

How much will a small windscreen chip repair as I will try to find out before I determine whether is worth to repair?

I'm just thankful that the damage was minimal. Just need to get use to look at the eye sore windscreen till a replacement is really require.


  1. At least that small dent didn't penetrate the second layer of your windshield; otherwise, you will really need to replace it with a new one. Mostly the cost of repairing such minor damage would be less than a hundred dollars. But if you want to get used with the dented view, then you need to wait until you save enough money to fix that.

    Jessie Bachelder

  2. That is why you should get an policy that covers rv windshield replacement so that when you have been stuck again by a stone chip you wont pay anything anymore. Thanks for sharing this entertaining post.

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