Sunday, 15 July 2012

Why don't you call your mother often?

Below conversations are between a mother and a daughter on the phone.

Daughter:  What's wrong?   I'm busy so make this quick!
Mother: Why don’t you call us,we are worried about you?
D: I am a big girl now; you don’t have to call me. I’m busy. That’s all Mom.
Cut off the line…. (phone sound Toot, Toot…)

Later that night she called her husband and asked,

Wife: Why don’t you call back it’s late, I’m worried about you.
Husband:  Not right now honey, I'm busy! I have to put down the phone.

She reflected back on how she reacted badly to her Mom today. She called her Mom to apologize.

This is an advertisement scenario I heard from a radio today on how today’s adult children have no time for their parents.

So what goes around comes around, she has been so preoccupied that she has no time to spare for her parents .The same situation happened when she called her husband. She had realized she was wrong and how disappointing her mother must have felt.

If we compare it to twenty years ago, if you’re children off to university it's not easy to contact them. They have to wait for long queue at payphones in halls.

We were expected to stay in regular contact by writing letters. Telephoning was saved for emergencies.

Today’s technology making life so convenient with the arrival of mobile phone, the child can be easily contacted. 

At least you should sent her a SMS to tell your mom that you miss her, a small effort means a lot to her when she knows you're concerned about her.

Many adult children now consider it is strange to keep a regular contact with their parents. Maybe now they are working so no need to ring because of money reasons.

It is important for parents to realise when to let go the children as they grew older but mother instinct nature is that you are still a child , no matter how mature is your age.

Young children want to get the attention from their parents but when the children grew older the relationship and responsibility role is reversed. Their older parents need to hear from their children.

There are some children who would not call their parents citing busy as one of the main reason. If really need to talk it's just a phone call away.

On the other parent side, some parents will say that they don’t call because they don’t want to disturb their children as they know how busy they are.

What's wrong with talking to your parents? You don't need any material or have an agenda to talk, just a Hi-Bye and later when have time then you can have a longer chat.

You never need to feel obliged to call , just want to for God's sake.

Heck even ET wanted to call home

Don't you remember how hard it is for your mother to take care of you when you're a baby? So is there a time when she can say I don't have the time to feed you or not to be there for you whenever you need her?

Children should respect what their parents have done for them and try to ring occasionally at least once a week. You only get one set of parents!

Love and cherish them while they are still here because once they're gone, they can't be replaced. 

Why do children will only realise this once their parents are no longer in this world? Likewise when their children have grown up they will do the same when living away from home, they would totally not think to call their parent's. Now its their turn to complaint about children did not care about them!

Even though I lived with my parents , I still regret I did not spend enough time with my dad while he was still alive. Our relationship with people we love are about moments we will one day able to treasure for the rest of our lives. We need real interactions, without such moments when shared are at best superficial.

There are no timetables on how long a person remain on earth.

Find a way to make time to spend with your parents no matter how busy you are. Let not says, "Let's catch up one of these day", without actually allocating a time for it, you can be sure the day will never come and soon it will be too late.

Perhaps you really should ring your parents tonight.

You got their number. So call them, maybe?



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