Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Monday Night Blackout

I came home on Monday night after dinner around 7.30pm. After a hard day's of work, naturally I was eager to get a warm showers followed by sitting comfortably on my recliner sofa to watch  my favourite TV shows.

So the first thing I did was to flipped a light switch but the light did not come on, ah... maybe the light bulb burned out.

Try to flip another light switch and get the same result.

I was thinking probably somewhere in the circuit that has switched off due to a power surge or short but I've double checked all the MCB switch is in the ON position. No 'trip'.

I walked out of the house to take a look at outside and found the rows of houses shared the same fate in darkness. Before I came home there's still street light along the road which means that somewhere there is a power fault line in my area.

What to do in the event of a blackout?

1 – The first thing is to get a torch light to find my way around in the dark. You don’t want to trip and fall down. I was thinking of getting a rechargeable light lamp in the future.

You usually ask yourself before you buy, "Do I really need that? ...but when you need to use it you'll regret not buying.

Having a  pack of candles will be handy for these emergency situation.

2 - Bored? – You can listen to your rechargeable MP4 player to pass the time or do what you don’t usually do, having a chat with your family members or neighbours.

3- Feeling tired? – Try to take a nap, open the windows to let in some air into your house. This is for just a moment only as soon you wanted to sleep; you’ll find the irritating mosquitoes tried to bite you.

4 – Feeling hot? – Try to go outside the house as the air is colder at night to let your body cool down or take another cold bath.

This is the perfect time when we reflect on how we take things for granted. You’ll never learn to appreciate the electricity till the moment we switch on then you’ll find no electrical power.

Normally you’ll assuming the power is always be there.

So one day a power fault or blackout and what will you experienced?

Almost total darkness- No light, Hot room temperature - No fan or air-conditioner, Entertainment time deprivation - No television viewing,

Lost touch with people other side of the world- No Internet browsing... or no it’s like the end of the world!

We should not take life for granted like there is always tomorrow will be here for you when you wake up.

Learn to treat your loved one with kindness and shower them with appreciation and caring for them. Also let's not to forget we need to spend some quiet time in prayer and not thinking we’ll do it the next time but fail to do it every time.

My friend’s brother who just passed away in his sleep have made plans to visit Langkawi Island next month.That night he was feeling a little uncomfortable but later said he's alright and ask everyone to sleep as he'll have to to work tomorrow.

Don't wait till tomorrow for something you can do today. What If Tomorrow Never Comes?

All the flight tickets and rooms have been booked. He was looking forward for this trip as this is the first time he’ll be taking his plane ride. It’s looked like his plans or dreams are unable to fulfill now.

Life is too short to be too complicated.

Be thankful and be grateful to God for what He has bestowed on you.

Be Caring for Parents and Family.

Be Goodness in Heart.

Be Good to All Living things. (Mosquitoes, ants, flies and cockroaches are exempted here)

Oh dear, normally it’ll take about an hour to fix the power line failure and it’s already 11.30pm now.  Finally I have to go back to the old house for temporary shelter till the next morning when they’ve fixed it (TNB- Electric utility company). I hope.

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