Wednesday, 31 October 2012

When we turn Old

Once a while, my aunt will go back to Ipoh for a short weekend trip. She would invite my mom and me to tag along.

My uncle-in-law from JB will drive and stop at Seremban to pick us up before heading to our hometown.

Upon reaching the town, he would usually stop at the Aung Kheng Lim shop to purchase the famous salted chicken but on this trip we reached there a little bit late. Shop is already closed, I think it's all sold out, never mind he'll would go there again tomorrow. It's open at 10 am till all sold off.

Aung Kheng Lim shop address:

24, Jalan Theatre, Ipoh Perak-tel 05-2542998

Finger Licking Good but why buy one only ? Only Rm18 per chicken 

It's good from time to time that my aunt would make an effort to make a family gathering to spend some quality time whenever possible, it will brought back fond memories of the good old days. Nah, maybe not all of their yesteryear's we will want to remember.

Perhaps, absence will make the heart grow fonder, or distance makes the heart grow fonder cause we will only able to meet on rare occasion.
We'll pass by this Silibin beautiful and majestic church
( Church of Our Lady of Lourdes)  before reaching my aunt's house 

The original Old Town White Coffee
2, Jalan Bandar Timah, Ipoh, 30000, Ipoh, Perak 30000

If you happen to stop by Ipoh, you'll have to drop by this restaurant named Nam Heong. This is where the first restaurant of Old Town White Coffee started.

The food here is good and there are plenty of choices for you to select. There are a few new restaurants with bigger and wider space nearby here but at the end those customers will still come back here. New competitor can join in but can't beat the original flavor!

The only one thing I don't like about Nam Heong is Not Enough Tables and Too Many Customers!
Once there were a group customer looking to find a restaurant table. We have just started our breakfast but still they stand behind us waiting for their turn. Even though we have informed them to look for another table as we have just started eating; they are still reluctant to leave. Oh Gosh! how can I enjoy my breakfast? Just hurry up, eat and leave. No mood to enjoy my breakfast! That’s told how some people are prepared to wait because of the good food and coffee.

I saw this interesting copy at my aunt fridge

My eldest aunt told of us she had to endure the hard life as a little girl. She remember how she accidentally fell down into a well. Fortunately, my grandfather helper heard the commotion as she cries for help and the helper ran to investigate. He saved her life, if not she will not able to have this conversation. No one knows her secret, not even mum.

Nearly everyone has some fear of growing older and eventually dying but it's a fact of life everyone has to face up to. The Chinese has a saying all living things have to go through a stage of birth,old, sick and death regardless you're rich or poor.

The most frightening stage is when we started to grow old, there are some visible changes we can see  physical changes in ourselves such as wrinkles in the skin, hair colour change to grey or white or you start losing your hair and our reflex is much slower.

One obvious way we already know we have grown old is when somebody addresses you as "Uncle" or "Auntie". I have still have not getting used to it being called "Uncle"! I preferred to be called Mister or Leng Chai( Handsome Boy in the Cantonese dialect)!

The part on getting old is most frightening when most of the body parts will not be as good as it used to be.

Most people do not bother much about health issues before they reach a certain age. When you’re young you’re full of energy, eager to go somewhere and in search of excitement.

Many years ago when a friend says let’s go and have a drink and party all night. You’ll then reply, “No problem, don’t you know the night is still young?” but if you’re friend says the same thing today you’ll likely reply, “Are U Nuts?”

When you’re older you do not have the stamina or strength to stay awake.

I used to be able to stay up all night but now after 10 pm it is my bedtime, you’ll start feeling sleepy. Right, after 10 pm our body battery is on the low level. It is time to recharge and go to sleep.

Each person who ages is different physically and mentally. I have seen some older people can be physically fit and mentally alert.

I once went for a holiday trip with my good friend OKL to Tasik Kenyir, a man made lake- the largest in South East Asia.  The boathouse owner is an over 70 years old man but he did not look aged at all. I guess if an elderly person who is physically active he will likely to stay young and healthy.

That's why some of the pensioners still prefer continue to work after retiring. It’s not because of the money but it is to get him physically active. There’s something to look forward every day, instead of stay at home and do absolutely nothing you will become depression.

As people age their bodies break down a little at a time.

I could see from the physical appearance of my aunt body weight not enough-too skinny, her upper body will slump forward while walking.

My uncle suffered from age related vision problem, he thought his spectacle need replacement but when his eyes was tested at a spectacle shop he was told that's nothing wrong with his spectacle. He was once a hot headed person but now spoke in a soft voice.

There's only one aunt that did not required the use of glasses among my mom 11 sibling including mom.  Not everyone has a body of perfect health. Although her vision is good, she has problem with her neck pain. So every of my elderly aunt or uncle will likely to have at least a health problem to face.

While we're young we need to take care of our posture while seating, walking or standing. Apart from physical activity, we need to eat enough calcium to strengthen our bones and good teeth. As for walking we need to go to basic, your mom would always scold you. She says, “Dont't slouch, sit up straight.. walk tall” but I don't think she knows why? Only follow the advice from their elders right? The reason is we can suffer from pain due to stress placed on our spine.

This can lead to headaches and upper body pain on chest, shoulder, hip and jaw.
We could try the old-fashioned posture enhancer by walk as if you had a book balancing on your head to develop good posture habits.

One thing that worries me the most is my 2nd aunt seems to be having acute memory memory loss and my youngest uncle has also showing sign of preliminary symptoms.

She spent a night at my 4th aunt home with the rest of my aunties and my youngest uncle also came back from Klang to join them for a mini family reunion.

My 2nd auntie has the annoying habit of repeating the same thing over and over again the same questions like

1- Did I call back home to inform my son that I will be staying here for tonight?
2- Where's my house key? – follow by searching her bag
3- etc

I know she has an acute temporary memory lapse on this and also kept searching for something; she kept everyone irritated and running out of patience. Everyone will say she's already done that!!

My eldest auntie being the oldest can still retains a good memory. It could be her being an avid mahjong's player, constantly using and exercising her memory. She is the only who still being patience with my 2nd aunt as the rest ran out of patience.

I think her family should have spent more time with her as she's feeling very lonely and sad , often will kept repeating nobody cares about her.

My 4th aunt bought a 3D dictionary. I asked her since when did she started buying numbers punter? No..lah this is for  her to exercise her memory as she's afraid she will be the next to lose her memory power. Oh I See.

Is this book still being published? No website?
3D number punter favourite book to read

Who started this? How to relate certain numbers with the picture related?
Mystery..Eh.. What number to buy for Memory lapse?

Not all has poor memory. While having dinner at a restaurant, my youngest uncle-in-law show off his memory capability. He simply write a random number and try to guess all the numbers. He asked me if it's correct? Yes, he got all correct. I wanted to test him again, try backwards? Yes, correct again but slower a bit.

How did he remember that? Only 20 Digits

On our back home, we came across a car which stopped at a road, to our surprised the driver slump on his seat, presumably died of heart attack. His time has come to part. God Bless His Soul.

Forever young, I want to be forever young but would you want to live forever and ever?
There was a 105-YEAR-OLD woman hanged herself after telling her family she was tired of waiting for death. She was fed up with waiting for death and did the unthinkable.

You can just relax, grow old gracefully and wait for your time to come. Meanwhile, enjoy your time on Earth before saying

So long, farewell

Auf Wiedersehen, goodnight

I hate to go and leave this pretty sight




CU in Heaven I hope?”


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