Friday, 5 October 2012

Why You Quit Your Job?

My friend OKL left the manufacturing company a year ago where he worked with for almost 20 years for a competitor and a promotion. No one could blame him for leaving. After all, everyone had their own dreams to pursue.

He was well-respected by his co-workers, when he left the company for a better post as Factory Manager, many of those who has worked under him or knew him contacted him almost immediately wanting to come work for him. As he knew the special talent each possessed, he brought them both on board.

Several months later, OKL ran into the director of his previous company. He was outraged and advice him not to steal any more employees. While OKL did not appreciate the accusation, he knew he had done nothing wrong. After all, he did not steal his former fellow colleague. Those who join him sought him out for employment at their own free will.

There is no need to bait with additional money or job promotion to lure them over. His good boss-employee relations is what attracted them. The kind of boss who will help them to participate and to make suggestions, and listening to them are as important as ever. It's different when you're having an egoistic boss with a attitude of "me Tarzan and you Jane" or " I'm the boss- Do what you're told, even if you have the better opinion you keep it yourself".

In my friend case, the employees joined him because he had gained their trust and respect during his tenure at the former company.

There are many reasons why good employees quit, the reality is the company simply failed to keep them. It’s an expensive and time consuming factor to train a new person to fill the vacancies.
The person replacing the vacant seat might not have the competency required. In that case he is merely filling a vacancy. 
The seat OKL left is a hot seat. It's not going to be easy to get someone to fill his shoes, especially he has done marvellous work in his previous job.

Steve Jobs had resigned as CEO as his health was deteriorating

My friend has a knack of finding and solving machine failure. There are times when his guys finding it difficult to solve the machine problems, he'll stop by and analyze the problems and moments later Voila! he found the bug! That's why his man respect him cause not only he is able to debug the problems but also willing and patiently teaches his men.

A machine breakdown is an expensive machine downtime and when he was around it's like at the decisive moment, Mighty Mouse comes to the rescue while singing, "Here I come to save the day!

Many times bosses did not aware of the impact of a single person leaving the company, it's what comes after that. Just like a small leak  if left unattended will sink even a great Titanic ship.

If he’s a well respected, capable and friendly chap then those from his former worker will want to be in his team.

The boss failed to realise when everything is running smoothly it's due to a skilled employee did a great  job. All type of problems will reveal itself once he has left his job.

OKL absent is well notice as when his former department required to provide services, the new hired person to replace him failed to do a good job in many ways. My friend absent not only affect his department but many other departments as well.

It’s ridiculous when he left the company, he was being told do not reveal company secret. What’s secret? There is no longer confidential especially one who work in a high post in the company. Whatever he knows, he will use it against the former company. It’s like telling C Ronaldo not to score against Manchester United when played against Real Madrid.

Many a times employees leave for a variety of reasons but it could be preventable. It is the company simply failed to retain them and there is no point of having a heart to heart talk to persuade a person to remain at the company. The heart no longer remains in the company, his heart belongs to someone else.

It’s a bad idea using money as the reason why the employee left the job, that answer is usually not many will go for that especially the veteran loyal employee. If someone knows those wanting to resign will likely get a pay raise he will then try to take advantages of the opportunity but it could backfire on you, they accept your resignation!

Often times, it’s difficult to get an honest and direct answer in an exit interview. Each person who moves on can tell a different story, and it’s important for the Human Resources department to find a solution to prevent him or many more like him quit regardless it's true or false reason.

 Here are some of the reasons why people leave jobs:

1) Money: Whether it’s the always the money factor on why people is leaving a job, and often with good reason. Are employers paying their employees the employee deserved to get and according to the market price.

2) Conflict: In every workplace conflicts with co-workers cannot be avoid. Other might says, “I don’t understand why some person can be friend with him?” Call it a personality that matches, while some others will clash.

3) Lack of Respect: It’s the respect some workers are not given. Although most blue collar worker did not have the proper paper qualifications but when it come to experience on getting the job done, no one should look down on them.

4) Under-staffing: Some staff are required to do unrealistic workload and given not ample time to complete the assignment. As a result they are physically and mentally tired.

5) Communication channel: Management communication not effectively. The workers will likely to say “Why are we the last to know? They don’t really care about us.”

6) Lack of Challenge – Those who resigned employees saying that they needed more responsibility, and do they seek opportunities that will allow them to express themselves. It’s not DON'T ASK, JUST FOLLOW. Yeah, just play along, let the blind lead the blind.

7) No Recognition – Are employees being recognised for their efforts? Many times when a good job is done, the subordinate did not get the reward but only his superior. Life is not fair, what can you do? Just live with it.

8) Company Politics – It is important to treat everyone equally, without prejudice and favouritism. The superior should not favour those who he likes will get less work and those he don't will get more. At the end this will only disrupt the efficiency at the expense of the team or company.

9) Work Pressure - Unlike me OKL is able to handle stress of working under pressure. I have rarely seen him losing his temper. If he did he must have been one hell of stress. Stress at work takes a toll on your physically and mentally health.
My friend OKL wife also been in the same company had to quit due to advice by the doctor as her job as payroll officer which is highly stressful during the month end period although she worked there for about 20 years. Enough is Enough.She'll take that a new journey working somewhere else.
Another victim of job related stress. James Bond's letter of resignation via the Mi6 intelligence intranet read:
 "M - I hereby tender my resignation
with immediate effect. Sincerely, James Bond". This is the third James Bond movie where
007 has resigned, he was temporarily decommissioned.  Revoking his licence to kill.

10) Lack of Tools and Materials- There are times the simple things like tools and parts are not available. Don't they forgot it's annoying and stressful for worker when not provided the tools and parts. Why can't they plan it before any task need to execute, they need to ensure worker get all things  ready first. You can't fight a battle half way before you notice you're running out of bullets can you?

11) Grouses - Often the grouses will not be reveal to the official HR channel but only reveal to his closes peer. It will be too late when the HR knows as he has already packed all his bags and ready to go away.

12)Boss poor communication skill- Having to own a skill interpersonal skill is a valuable tools when you asking you subordinate to work. OKL has this communication skill when asking his guy to perform the job efficiently. Every person need to be told differently using various tone, expression and gesture due to every worker has different personality traits.

13) Superior abuse of power -  Sometimes superior is using the authority of his rank to mistreat a subordinate causing a superior-subordinate relationship tensions. He did not see his subordinate as a collaborators but as a competitors. Maybe he fears his position will be overtaken by his subordinate.

Losing an employee with a super skill to a competitor is a Human Resources nightmare as any last effort to convenience him to stay is fruitless.

Those likely to leave on the last day at work will post a e-mail of farewell messages to colleagues. It goes something like that...

Today is my last day....I cannot leave without bidding you all farewell blah blah .. I appreciate having had this wonderful opportunity to work with you all. ... I thank you for your support and encouragement during my time at...

Please keep in touch! ...You can reach me at 019-2773289 or send me an email.."

Would you do the same if today was your last day of work? Yeah maybe you just never know you might come back one day and you never want to burn bridges with anyone.

So the next time when you want to quit, there are certain questions to ask, such as, “Why are you leaving?”. Only you alone can know the truth answer.

Nobody would like to quit his job for no particular reason. If my friend is happy with the situation in his previous post he'll still be here. When being offer fringe benefits given by the rival competitor included a company car , it has exceed the current employer which couldn't make him a competitive offer then the obvious choice is to leave.

What a pity, the competitor values him more. Well someone's loss is usually someone else's gain.

He should thank the person who contribute him leaving his previous job as what he benefits today from this new job are better pay, higher position, a car and less stress. The only flaws now is he has too much leisure time unlike the time he used to work late at night. Poor guy, now he only need to find a way to pass through on a slow day with a few extra hours daily on his hands?

A word to remember..

Great employee is why company becomes successful and strong.
A company's employees are a valuable asset to the company's success and some may not even be replaceable.


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