Monday, 5 November 2012

Armageddon Days are Here..Again?

Call it whatever you like Doomsday, Armageddon or End of the World; it's here to make us sweat again.

The last alleged doomsday date on May 21, 2011 went without impact.

On December 21, 2012 as foretold by the Mayan, the world's time is up as described in the prophecy of Armageddon.

This date the ancient Mayan Calender marked the end of the era of 5,162 years. The end of humanity that would reset the date to zero.

December 21st, 2012 is the date of the Winter Solstice or the shortest day in 2012 where the Sun, Earth and Milky Way Galaxy will cross the galactic plane -- this will bring great disaster upon the people on Earth! This is not an everyday event, only happens every 25,800 years.

Fortunately there is no scientific facts or evidence of any such relationship being ever verified.

It was predicted people must deal with natural disasters such as volcanic eruptions, typhoons and glaciers as solar polar reversal shift that will happen in 2012 on the sun.

The latest prediction on the end of the world is glorified by Hollywood movies
on what the end will be scenario.

This  "2012" disaster film is a 2009 disaster fiction directed by Roland Emmerich. The movie is about the destruction of planet Earth in accordance with the prediction made by the Mayans, a long long time ago. When it happens, it tells of the heroic struggle of the survivors.

It's catch phrase in the movie is We were warned!

It gives me goosebumps just thinking about the world's ending. The film audiences goes silent with shock while watching the destruction of Mother Earth, many was speechless as if they actually witness the end of the world.

V Scary, Should The World End One Day

Hopefully and probably this only happen in the movies. We do not believe and we are convinced it can never happen on December  23rd, 2012.

I found my mouth was literally wide-open watching one of the greatest disaster movies of modern times, it's one of those movie when you walk out it leaves you gasping for air. Although a little bit over dramatic, I love this awesome movie. I don't get it why only get 5.8/10 rating by IMDb? Am I only a mere simpleton person? I'll give it a 9.5 to be fair.

The world was shown a glimpse of end of the world horror would look like.

On the day after Christmas on 2004, the Indian Ocean was hit by a 9.0 magnitude earthquake, subsequent what follow was tsunami that devastated killed over 220,000 people in 14 countries bordering the Indian Ocean.

Patong beach struck by Tsunami

Most people while celebrating and enjoying their holiday were caught off guard. An ominous day for Christmas as a tsunami strikes on Boxing Day. Boxing Day did a devastating KO punch damage that day!

God Bless the departed souls on Tsunami catastrophe day, rest in peace.

Looking back on that fateful day, it scared the hell of me as Patong beach, Phuket Thailand was a place I once visited many years ago.

Before that not that many people have heard of the word Tsunami except for the Japanese people. Little public awareness of tsunami as the last major disaster happen on year 1883.

As soon as my friend just got back from a boat fishing trip,  he received lots of SMS text messages alerting him about Tsunami warning. The first thing he did was scratch his head as he has no idea what everyone trying to tell him. "What the hell is Tsunami?"

Birds became agitated and have the ability to predict natural disaster
coming will flew away

The animals and birds have a sixth sense when they sense danger coming or a potential disaster, they often fled to safety.

In Phuket, elephants screamed and agitated ran for higher ground twenty minutes before the first wave of Tsunami strike. When it comes to danger, animals will have a natural early warning system, something human deprived of the sense of natural disaster warning alert.

We still depending on like in the movie "Lost in space", a robot to warn us of our surrounding dangers-

"Danger! Danger, Will Smith!"

However since this terrible Tsunami disaster, people who stayed nearby beach will not have to be warned. When they encounter an earthquake, the people will automatically run to a higher safer ground.

One thing that is much real is the very serious issue of global warming and it's impact on major environmental.

There were evidence on climate changes which includes heat waves, flooding, sea-level rises and melting glaciers. Scientists project that unless emissions of heat-trapping gases are brought under control, the impacts of climate change are likely to increase.

Global warming isn't only about the a small rise increase in world temperature. There's a possibility about the melting of the polar ice caps. As a result many cities will be flooded and lost. We can see  Venice, Italy  is one of the world's most beautiful cities and now at risk of being claimed by the ocean.

The city is sinking, and has slipped perhaps 5 inches in the last century.

Once.. a long long time ago, I had a dreams about the end of the world or Judgement Day where Jesus will come to save his true followers. What a weird dream I had?

The end is near
The end is near, the time has come
There ain't no way
There's nothing will save us now.. Repent now before it's too late

Have you started to build the ark, just like Noah did? ... Do you hear God when He speaks and whispers to your name, the end is near and warns you a great storm coming? Start collecting animals in pairs but how do you feed them? Not all animals are herbivorous, how to feed carnivorous animals?
Just kidding!

Some people take things too seriously! A man in China, hires workers to construct a ark which is able to hold 20 persons in preparation of end of the world.

Frankly the only way we are history are when this factors could doom the human race:

1-A major natural disasters like a Asteroid impact, it's hard not to take it seriously. Have we forgotten how the Dinosaurs get wiped out from the earth by an asteroids collision?

2-Nuclear weapons could be trigger by some idiot's leaders who started Thermonuclear war. Motto is "No pain No Gain" and we do not have real life 007, so he can daringly saves the world from megalomaniacs madmen!

3-Man made global warming on a colossal scale could spell the doom of the world. Melting glaciers can alter Earth's gravity field, we are vulnerable to large-scale melting sea ice resulting many cities will be flooded. We should take better care of our planet for the future generation to enjoy.

4-Global epidemics. Years ago when I watch the movie 'Cassandra Crossing', a disaster movie concerns a group of helpless passengers aboard a transcontinental luxury train quarantine due to a terrorist being affected with germs airborne deadly disease. As a kid I have no idea such epidemics is possible. Today we being affected with all kind of deadly airborne disease, H1N1 is one of them.

5- Aliens invasion. This is just a hypothesis theory on the possible form of alien life creatures that looking a new planet as their is over densely populated, may choose Earth as a replacement. No more cute alien says "ET, phone home!"

Are we in danger of being erased from our universe?

What if, as predicted the beginning of the end does come tomorrow? If that day the world were ending, how would you spend today?

I reckon just like in the movie I will call all my dearest one to say goodbye, pray in a church or look for a higher ground. (Maybe need to travel to Tibet?)

By the way, I might take a day off, in anticipation of "doomsday."

Nah, Earth won't go away with a big bang! I just want to take this day off so I can celebrate and appreciate life.

Doomsday prophecies may come and go, most of them pass by without much of a fuss.

We will survive! Life Will Go On!


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