Monday, 10 December 2012

Bird Dropping Bombs(Poop)

Have you ever had a bird shit on you? Me, no but last week my mom got a unpleasant bird poop while walking back to car park.

As a result I have to send her back to our house to change clothing.

When you're having a flock or birds flying in the sky, you will get an uneasy feeling the birds will target you.bombs away..

Our factory is having bird control problems with pesky birds. Come every late evening the birds will find a parking space in the factory roofing ... The very next day we will have problem due to their droppings.

We have tried everything we can to keep them away? Including by hiring methods from professional bird removal services. We even tried using electronic bird repel by using artificial sound imitating a eagle - sounds made to scare nuisance bird by a bird predator.

It works for at least for a while but you can't fool all of the birds all of the time.

Next, we use more aggressive way by using loud fire cracker to scare away.Only works till we're run out of crackers.

We then use another services which is more direct approach to deter the pest birds by installing a birds net. A physical barrier to stop the birds from entering the factory.

Although it is seen as inhuman way of trapping the smaller birds but I guess this is the most effective methods. We cannot stop the entire flock as still some will find a way of entering.

Car park are most likely to be the target of bird droppings

Not only we have to deal with the poop in the factory but also in the parking lots. When you parked your car ,you will tried to look for a nice shady tree - only to find a few hours later your car undoubtedly will covered with poop all over.

My friend found his car covered with bird droppings
Bird poop has acid in it and it will eat into the paint if left untreated.
You can also use WD40 to remove the bird dropping and it won't harm the paint.Only will dissolve the dropping.

Lately not many birds can be see in the evening. Where did the birds go? Maybe is the hot weather as Yeo put it? They have migrated somewhere or taking a vacation till a cooler season then our headache will be back when the pest birds returns.

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