Friday, 9 August 2013

Scams and Fraud

In criminal law, scams and fraud is intentional deception made for personal gain or to cause a loss to another party by trick, defraud or mislead to other individual.

Just recently I received an unexpected text message from this number, notified me that I was the grand prize winner of a prize or a competition. As usual I'm sure there are often costs involved with claiming your prize and straight away you can smell a rat trying to lie to you.

Yahoo! I won a Shell(M) Berhad contest but wait a minute...I don't remembering ever entering!

Sounds suspicious or 'too good to be true' but I wasn't born yesterday!

That is one of those fake SMS scam pretending I have won a prize, message translated text - Your Card  won you RM20,000 In the Shell(M) Berhad with draw number 9R247YK. To claim prize dial......

Have you received an SMS message from a fraudster which will tell you, seemingly from Shell, on your mobile phone telling you that you have won a prize in a contest? I have no idea where they found my number or why it is coming from the 'Shell', but be warned. This is a scam and looks like they are targeting those who are gullible and naive.

Good rule of thumb- unless you  remember specific entering the competition, it's probably a scam. Even if you do remember entering, check it out thoroughly before proceeding.

Shell warn the public on a fake SMS 

Romance Love Fraud

A fraud syndicate dubbed “Af***** scam” has been busted after police arrested a local and three foreigners. The arrests were made after two police reports were made.

With more than 40 million men and women on line looking for love, there are bound to be include some scam artists out there using a fake profile of themselves to identified themselves as someone seeking for a friend or wants a romantic relationship.

It happened in Bosnia a couple both using anonymous names meet on line didn't realise they were chatting in an on line chat room by the names “Sweetie” and “Prince of Joy”, spent hours telling each other about their marriage troubles.

The moment of truth emerged when the two turned up for a date meeting face to face for the first time. Now the pair, from Zenica in central Bosnia, are divorcing after accusing each other of being unfaithful.

Isn't it a pity? They were obviously made for each other but are divorcing after accusing each other of being unfaithful. You can imagine, their conversation.. my husband is a shithead. Ha! Ha! Hey my wife is just such a pain in the ass!” he will said, as we both unknowingly are talking about each other.

How can you tell if the person you met on line is real or fake? Worst stage if there is some girl you fancy and been chatting on line turns out to be guy pretends to be a female using a fake photo profile. Gross!

How many members out there actually when creating user profiles in social network would reveal  real names and
 other personal information of the actual identity of a person?

So what is the typical romance scam used? The victims were approach through social networking sites like Face book or Twitter as someone who is religious or with lots of money. Once they have earned the trust of victim, they will ask someone from the syndicate to pose as a Custom officer or courier service provider which will ask the victim to deposit certain money to receive the so called gifts.

Why are there so many people easily duped by the syndicate? Most likely to target the less educated, the poor, as most victims are uneducated person? However many well educated on line daters also who have fallen victim to romance scams. I'll say those schemers are masters in psychological in knowing which right sweets words are use in sweeping victims off their feet.

True case of a Internet love scam

A friend of mine told me of his friend who meet someone on line and became romantically involved with her. She was so good in sweet talk and able to win his heart and money. After 2 years of 'dating' he was prepared to fly over from Sabah to West Malaysia.

He was preparing to come over here to meet her for the first time. He finally muster up the courage to buy her a ring and plan a marriage proposal to her.

Sadly when he finally came over to meet her, she was nowhere to be found. Another victim bites the dust in on line friendship scam.

The unsuspected victim lured into a trap leaving him heartbroken and more importantly Rm 100K poorer!

Love is blind and so unkind, You either Love it, Hate it, or Can't Live Without it.

Avoid Phone Scams.

There are people who tends to believe things that people tell you and make it easily tricked or cheated by the syndicate. 

Some time ago, my sister received a phone call from someone claiming to be a police Inspector officer from Bt. Aman police headquarter. He would claim my sister was in some illegal activities and wanted for investigation. 

If my sister want to close the case she can asked to deposit a certain amount of money into a bank account to clear her names.

My sister is only a school teacher that's all, so how can anyone says she has been involved in any crime.  Shortly afterwards my sister went to make a police report and the chief of police station told her she was not the only who has to deal with been harassing phone call by the syndicate 

Some syndicate would even informed the child parents their son is kidnapped and now under their custody. He would be release after paying certain amount. After paying the ransom they found out their son was at his school all the while. A mistake on failed to verifying the authentic of the caller claim caused them to be tricked into paying the fake call ransom. 

4D fortune tellers fraud

In today's world I still can't believe there are still some people out there still believe in fortune teller can predict 4d number. If the so called fortune tellers can predict the numbers accuracy all the time then why would they want to share the wealth with you? 

This is where some of this fraud worked cause the victims are gullible and greedy punters.
An actual scam from a newspaper clipping.  Oh, when will they ever learn? 
The error of one moment becomes the sorrow of a whole life”- Chinese Proverb

 Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs is an psychological theory origin... I say, as victim put them further the importance on top to present safety and physiological needs then comes the opportunity for the fraudster to trick us when we goes for love and greed would appear on the path to self-actualization.

Avoid becoming a victim of fraud by learning  a saying in cantonese proverb:”Where got such a big female toad jumping on the streets! (边度有甘大个蛤la随街跳!)” or should I say Money doesn't grow on trees, we get money by earning it.

So I strongly believe if you want to be rich, work hard or do something illegal. (just kidding..You'll live to regret this! once you has been arrested)

Don’t believe the mail, the guy on the phone, or email. It’s all a hoax! unless its published in the newspaper.


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