Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Uncanny Resemblance

If someone puts it into the sentence your looks is just like your dad, meaning your resemblance with your dad is look very much alike but it if two unrelated guys or gals looks alike than its uncanny.

Sometime ago in Los Angeles this unlucky anchorman from ABC7 bears a striking resemblance to the police sketch of the rapist that he is reporting the news to the public.
Did somebody plays a prank on the news reporter knowing how their facial features were very similar?
Poor guy.

News Anchor Looks Like Wanted Rapist
 I wonder how many people called the police hot line and saying they saw the “rapist is the newscaster” reporting on himself.  Police will replied "Please note that making a false report and wasting police time  is a crime according to both federal and state laws".

On Aug 7, 2013 , a statement made by CID chief Senior Asst Comm Datuk Ku Chin Wah in a press conference at the City police headquarters.

Many netizens must have thought someone screwed up and print the wrong photo as they couldn't believe their eyes when the City CID chief was pictured holding a police released photo of suspected killer Kong Swee Kwan.

SAC Ku and suspected killer bore a “startling resemblance” to each other, with a trim moustache, and Kong sports the same facial hair and also wears spectacles, their are almost like twins!

SAC Ku holding up a picture of the suspect at Kuala Lumpur police headquarters. - Bernama
 I'm more handsome, says amused CID chief .. I'm pretty sure this is not a coincidence as I'm sure City CID chief  have plenty of time to change or alter  his appearance to be not so look alike.

Mistaken identity is a defence use in criminal law which claims the actual innocence of the criminal defendant, any eyewitness to the crime may have incorrectly thought that they saw the defendant is the one who committed the crime in lineup identification of someone.

No one will ever know how many innocent person are imprisoned or executed due to eyewitness identification.

It's a case of wrong place at the wrong time but the uncanny resemblance with the suspect will gets pinched by the police.

In the 1800s, even two jail terms wasn’t reason enough to shave a ‘stache.
5 Mind-Blowing Cases of Mistaken Identity by the Police

#5. The Man Falsely Convicted Twice for the Same Crime
Adolph Beck was a Norwegian living in England in 1895, who had the bad luck of looking exactly like a prolific jewelry thief. He found this out one day during a chance encounter with a woman who cornered Beck and accused him of stealing her jewels. When the police came by, they arrested him apparently on the evidence that he totally looked like the dude who did it, and he would spend much of his life getting repeatedly nailed for this other guy’s crimes, purely because they could (almost) be twins…

Read More
 The Man Falsely Convicted Twice for the Same Crime - How unlucky can you really be?
Adolph Beck was a Norwegian living in England in 1895, who had the bad luck of looking exactly like a prolific jewelry thief.

Many convictions based on eyewitness testimony account are now being placed secondary which has put many innocent people in jail as many involved mistaken eyewitness identification.

DNA evidence is much needed by today's CSI( Crime Scene Investigation) to conclusively identify the culprit.

There is always a possibility of Mistaken Identity but DNA evidence doesn't lie.  With a 99.999 percent identifying you are the person is much better as saying, "I think he's the one"

Even though after many years the chemistry of lasting friendship between my mom and her old classmate never diminished, it has stood the test of time. Some time ago my mom met her old pal at a coffee shop. Without hesitation, both immediately recognise each other even after 40 years have passed and called out each other by 'name' instinctively. There's no hesitation.

Strange isn't it? There are times, by chance you met ex-colleagues but you pretend you remember them by carrying on talking. After they left you'll just scratch your head and think who the hell did you just talk to?

The movie Oblivion.. the aliens used Jack as a template. Jack is shocked to come face to face
 with Tech 52, a clone of himself.

I Always Wonder If Someone In The World Who Resemblance Me Greatly?


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