Sunday, 9 February 2014

Despicable neighbour

Before you plan to buy a home to live in, you will  need to conduct a survey to determine whether it met the necessary prerequisites. Buying a right home is one of the most important financial decisions that affect both you and your spouse.

What are the things you need to consider before buying a property? First and foremost, whether you can really afford your dream house? Live within your means and stick to your budget...not beyond them. You can change to a bigger house once you have achieve financial stability.

The second  factor, it is crucial to buy from developers with a good track record who can promises to handover the possession of the house within the stipulated time.

You don't want to get your house abandoned half way through and sit empty month after month. Inexperienced property developer cannot continue due to don't have enough money to fund the project.

Third reason to examine is the property constructed on solid rock with concrete foundation. 

Your house should build on a solid rock ground and not on sandy land. The soil type could have a dramatic impact on your house, structural damage to a house can occur if the soil holds water. A home built near a slope must have a retaining wall to protect soil from erosion.

Lastly is the house project located strategically proximity to schools, transportation, highways, etc..

Now, here comes the hard part. You may think you have done all your homework and you've found the home of your dreams. You can't possibly foresee what kind of neighbourhood do you live in.
Mother always reminds me that Good neighbours are worth their weight in gold.

Now, lets talk about the neighbourhood. The most dreadful neighbour is that despicable neighbour type.

Some of the neighbour disputes you may face one day including boundary walls and fences, noise, children, trees and hedges.

My despicable neighbourhood with a proven track records on  how to be a BAD neighbour.

Bad Neighbours #1
Keeping a dog was a reasonable in a house unless when you're being disturbed by a barking dog in the neighbourhood and when they let the dog out run free. Darn neighbour let their dogs out to do their business (dog poop) in my yard.

Bad dog, that is not a welcome sight. Some people would purposely let their pets mark territory on someones car tyre when  taking their dog on a walk, what an idiot!

Bad Neighbours #2

Why do people do this ? Parking haphazardly within your compound area. Why can't neighbours park in front of their own house instead of in front of my home or opposite my driveway. What is wrong with this guy and the stupid answer given is I thought you won't be back so early? Where is your common sense, do I have to ask your permission to enter my own house? Brainless fellow and you call yourself a graduate but with  IQ of a peanut and who have no common sense at all!

Why don't you park the garaged cars in your driveway instead, parking on my side of the street or
 in front of my house is darn rude
One of my strange neighbour has built a big pillar high roof car porch but strangely he and his family cars prefer to park outside his house. That may create a nuisance for neighbours cars due to the limited parking space in our neighborhood.

He's a pain in the neck.

Why don't you want to park under your car porch? Just to irritate others by parked in
 front of neighbor's house and others?

Thumb 68a4
"two wrongs don't make a right"-  a pickup truck driver was angry because the owner of a MyVi who double parked behind him,
failed to show up despite his honking won't come out to remove his car.
In the early hours of Sunday, 19 January, an amateur video of a double parking incident at Scott Garden. We can understand how annoying when someone block your driveway path but his  counter action were likely to cause harm. 
The frustrated driver push the car behind by reversing into the car, pushing the Myvi into the middle of the road. His action also to be blamed for putting someone else life in danger as it can have disastrous consequences. A major accident could have serious impacts in a split-second when faced with a possible collision.

Bad Neighbours #3

Look closely!What do you see!

An unkempt front or back yard can be a real “eye sore” to fellow neighbours

What's wrong with this Photo? Your first instinct is the owner is either no longer live there or have migrated to other countries. Hey! you got it wrong. 
The home owner currently living in same house as this picture but how come he can tolerate keeping an overgrown backyard of weeds is beyond my understanding. My neighbour doesn't want to mow his lawn so it has gotten really long and overgrown forest is really starting to worry us. A sight for sore eyes.

There are also strict laws on what you can and cannot do when it comes to taking action yourself, even if are feeling desperate.

You cannot trespass onto the gardens of neighbours to remove any rubbish, that's for sure. If you have entered private property without permission, this make you a trespasser. You may also be charged under the general criminal code, if refuse to leave the premises after having been notified to do so by the owner.

If a neighbour’s hedge, brambles or tree are causing problems on your side of the boundary, you are entitled to prune or remove anything that invade onto your side of the boundary.   In the eyes of the law, you should offer any clippings back to your neighbours. What? Would you like to have your junk back? Nah, simply take his stuff back and threw it over the fence.

Most disputes with neighbours about the state of a messy garden can usually be resolved  amicably by having a soft tone when speaking politely with them is often enough to get them to do something about it. Well, it's easier said than done…

His next-door neighbour approached him to voice their concerns about the shape of his back courtyard is unkempt and overgrown with weeds slowly spread to the neighbours’ yards. Even after his neighbours voiced their displeasure but still he wouldn’t budge.

His nuisance can bring pest like rats and even snakes. Naturally isn’t it rats and snakes are the dangerous attraction. Same like the saying when there is prawns in the river you’ll naturally will find crocodile in this river.

I am a bit apprehensive about next door neighbour’s backyard  unkempt and overgrow with weeds. This will develop into mosquito breeding sites and dengue-sensitive areas. 

My mom would not allow me to report to the Seremban Municipal Council (MPSNS). This is to avoid  bad blood between our neighbours.

Unkempt landscaped areas shall be considered a nuisance such as unkempt tall weeds, council may issue a Clean-up Order on the owner as long as there is a willingness to remedy the issue.

Normally if you lodge a complaint, once your local council is satisfied that your grievance does constitute statutory nuisance or  present a health risk then they will begin investigation and review of the case.

Intensive fogging conducted soon after  occurrence of dengue infection in the area.

As a last resort, a court order has the power at the time the nuisance order is made to impose a fine on the defendant (currently not exceeding RM1,000 for individuals or imprison not more than 6 months or both together, with additional Rm100 every day until the weeds are clear from the area.

My worst fear has become reality on the unkempt yard become a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

Just recently my neighbour next door had come down with dengue fever. She develop her first symptoms with typical flu-like complaints like fatigue, headache, leg cramps, fever, and chills. After a clinic visit, she being diagnosed by doctor with possibility dengue fever. He recommend that she be admitted immediately to hospital. 
A patient should undergo futher multiple tests to confirm patients positive for dengue fever.The analyze results returned have 
tested positive for dengue.  

She was out of hospital 7 days later and now fully recovered. I feel so sorry for her this year. She experienced a bad start for this year Chinese New Year.

During the Chinese New Year one thing that bothers me is the sound of firecrackers. The noise scare the ever living shit out of dogs and babies in a residential neighbourhood. 

You may also find when your on holiday, the next door people  take advantage of your absence. This selfish person would play the fire cracker in front of your house and leaves all the pile of rubbish outside the house. 

No conscience nor lack of guilt or remorse for anything they do.

Come on, be honest, we have ALL had an annoying neighbour at some point in our lives, even for those living in a affluent residential areas.

Read this!.. Jan 10, 2014 - Justin Bieber allegedly into a verbal dispute while JB allegedly continued tossing a few more eggs at the house ... and then retreated back to his home. Well, isn't this just childish!  It's Time To Grow Up!

You can't seem avoid to bump into a few of awful neighbours. Many of us think we have bad neighbours and don't get on with the next door.

Jesus' Teachings is like this.....

Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself (as you love yourself). 

I'm sorry to say I really don't like Love Thy Neighbour that much with a really annoying neighbours like that.
O Lord, this commandment is hard to become reality in this neighbourhood. Maybe..It's hard to find good people these days!


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