Monday, 3 February 2014

Management handover

One of my favourite examples when I talk about hand over management  is what has happened to United since a new manager; take over the management responsibilities.

It's all yours David
The fundamentals goal of change management is to minimise disruption and performance loss through a change of  individual employees by changing their daily behaviours and work flows.

There is a whole system of people in the football organisation responsible for supporting employees in making this transition. From the players to  people who have worked as non-playing staff (e.g. assistant managers, youth/reserve coaches, trainers, physiotherapists, kit managers). All the team members are working effectively together towards common goal , requires all moving in unison and fulfilling their particular role.

When the news was announced last his own words of Sir Alex, he said: 'The decision to retire is one that I have thought a great deal about and one that I have not taken lightly. It is the right time."

Sir Alex Ferguson has announced he will retire as Manchester United manager after 27 years at the club, moving upstairs to be a member of the board.

When he'll hand over the keys to his successor, fans hope he would be someone who has proven track record of winning trophies and championships. Manchester United have made the announcement that everyone has been waiting for.The club's board has unanimously agreed to the appointment of new successor to Sir Alex Ferguson, on the recommendations of SAF himself. Sorry to disappoint you, folks, but he is not Jose Mourinho.

As it turn out,  the new man at the helm to be none other than David Moyes.

Take Good care of My Baby(MU)

Unfortunately, David Moyes' six monthly report card, so far disappointing..received flunking grades — F’s

Under Sir Alex Ferguson, Old Trafford was a strong fortress. However, this season minnow teams like West Brom, Everton (who never won at Old Trafford under Moyes) and Swansea (who have never won at the Theatre of Dreams) have come to United with the confidence that the Red Devils can be easily beaten, not just drawn.  However this new records achieved under Moyes it's Not Exactly What You Had In Mind.

Manchester United fans call Old Trafford the Theatre of Dreams but these days opposition fans are mocking it should be renamed the 'Theatre of Nightmares'.

While United have a perfect home record in the Champions League Cup, in the 2013-14 EPL campaign, United have lost four games (and drawn two) out of 11 games so far, conceding 10 goals.
In the FA Cup, Manchester United, down to 10 men, were condemned to a 2-1 FA Cup third-round defeat by Swansea. Things went from bad to worse in a weeks, United's miserable campaign reached a new low on when Lost In Own Backyard after a penalty shootout defeat to Sunderland in a exceptional League Cup semi-final. In the shoot-out United missed four of their spot-kicks, now that's a new low record.

This result left the English champions practically to end the season empty-handed, staring at a season without silverware. It's just something fans not used to. Wait A Minute. Manchester United, despite their Premier League troubles, will face Olympiacos of Greece in the Round of 16 in 2013–14 UEFA Champions League.  The first leg will occur on February 25, 2014 in Piraeus, Greece while the return leg at Old Trafford on 19 March, 2014.

At least we still have a good shot at champs league, one last shot at Europe's biggest prize? Dream On Man, BUT FAT CHANCE of that happening.

Another loss for Manchester United,  fell to defeat at the Britannia Stadium on Saturday. Manchester United lost to a Stoke side that has lost five of their last six games on 1 Feb 2014. Sunk to an eighth Premier League defeat of the season.

Things are looking bad for United as looking more and more unlikely qualifiers for next year's champions league,  if run of bad form continues.
And speaking after the game, the 50-year-old manager acknowledge he's unsure about which steps to take as he tries to rediscover a winning habit... So Much For "Confidence".

"I don't know what we have to do to win,” Moyes confessed in disappointment.

  I've Done All I Can Do
The Art of War: 'Appear weak when you are strong, and strong when you are weak.' Moyes's was going in the opposite direction. Otherwise, Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho has dismissed his side's chances of winning the Premier League this season.
"We are not favourites to win any competition," he said, before vowing that Chelsea will pose a greater threat next term.  Are you kidding me?

What went wrong for David Moyes at Manchester United?

Moyes inherits a title-winning team that last season but why not getting the results he want? The Chinese have a saying: "New Boss presenting new solutions for getting work done".

There is a serious problem in the workplace anywhere in the world when a new management bring different ways of getting things done and different ways of communicating. The boss will treat the younger players better as they are more receptive to new ideas than their older peers.

Almost everywhere you can find the new management would preferably bring their 'henchmen' from the old workplace to work for him,  in the workplace of football club this mean his previous players and staff.

A Lesson to Be Learned is don`t try to fix something that isn`t broken. Much has been made of his judgement. When he arrived, he replace the coaching staff with coaches of his own man but he did not heed Sir Alex Ferguson advised to retain the club's coaching staff. He seem to have started off on the wrong foot before any game began.

However, be cautious of suggesting new policies or strategies during your first few weeks, as it may not be the best way to demonstrate you are a team player.  By observing their surroundings and paying attention to details on players, you can always feel players are talking to current coaching staff in safe and comfortable manner.

You may be so eager to start your new job and make a good impression as soon as you arrive at your new post, and  to prove to your boss that he made the right choice by hiring him. Manchester United's poor form has seen the club's stock price plummet by more than 12 per cent - erasing £220m of value.

Stock Charts Don't Lie.. poor performance by the Reds that led to stocks are declining in price.

In management you need good interpersonal skills, you need to understand how to deal with other people. You can't just dump skilled experienced staff and replace with yours especially when you're talking about the coaching staff who won last year England Premier League.

Take your time to really understand and learn your job, then you will be able to apply it over time, you may give suggestions and changes as situations arise, and as your input and expertise is called upon.  I was thinking about the transition is like a wedding tradition of something old, something new, something borrowed and something special.  Players need time to adapt and cope with the expectations of playing style to gel cohesively.

Sir Alex farewell final gift to Moyes

For Sir Alex to manage a English top flight football club, an incredible 26 years in charge was no easy task.  In the movie Gladiator, Maximus shows a characteristic of a Charismatic leader, he has the skills to draw people together to motivate his soldiers to perform to the best of their ability as individuals and as a squad.

The same can be said of Sir Alex remarkable motivational skills. When the chips are down, he never loses faith. As a leader, what Moyes need to do to is rally his team and get them excited. Sir Alex was a master of rotating and keeping his players fresh and alert as though he had just got back from a country holiday.

Something that Sir Alex invaluable asset missing inside Moyes.

Manchester United has slowly seen their depleted squad,  lack of squad depth  by a quick glance at match day reserve players on the bench.  Why there is no “urgency” to reinforce his Manchester United squad during January transfer window?

I'm always confused about this. ..Why there was no room for Zaha and Kagawa(twice voted German player of the year with Borussia Dortmund) is beyond me?

What might have been cause of lack of new additions at Old Trafford? 

Here are some possible answers:

A1- No one wants to come to play for Manchester United.They wanted to be in a team whose style of play is capable of winning trophies.
A2- Nobody wants to sell them to us. Money talks, so why don't they sell?
A3- MU is like The Titanic, is Sinking...  SOS..Need to engage Feng Shui Master to check what went wrong with the team? Find harmony. ... harmony when that energy is good, but when it's bad, an aura of confusion, discord or plain bad luck can manifest. Heck even David Moyes says he's never experienced such a run of bad luck in his career.
The captain of MU jump into lifeboat as he has a feeling of The Titanic is sinking. Usually the captain goes down with the ship after give the order to abandon ship. Hey Vidic can I join you.? You jump, I jump remember?

A4- The club don't have the money to spend but Moyes has refuted by saying, “We have got the money and the club will spend, there's no question about that."

I have nothing against Moyes. The man was a good manager at Everton but strangely Everton are better off under Roberto Martinez than David Moyes.

Is Ferguson's shoe is too big for Moyes' size to fit ? I just hope he can prove me wrong though in the future but  those who are too young and cannot remember this... the past failure of Sir Alex, who was appointed manager in late 1986 and in his first three years he won no trophies. People generally seems don't even remember that success didn’t happen immediately for Alex either.

Remember this?

December 1989 was self-admittedly “the darkest period [he had] ever suffered in the game”. Journalists and supporters called for “Fergie” to be fired and United’s Old Trafford had banners declaring “Three years of excuses and it’s still crap...” but who remember the past, its up to Moyes to rescue their season from its present gloomy state ahead.

Good luck to Moyes, hoping this year of horse will provide better luck than last year.  馬到成功(Mǎ Dào Chéng Gōng), which literarily means attaining success upon arriving on a horse! Here comes the cavalry...What? Just one signing of Juan Mata from Chelsea ..Oh lets hope he turns out to be the next Cantona!


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