Sunday, 6 January 2013

A Christmas Kiss(Tv film) Review

Last Christmas, I have nothing to do then I happen to come across this Xmas holiday movie, "A Christmas Kiss".

I would say, its a modern day Cinderella tale, a Christmas romance about how one impulse kiss can change everything.  Some people would also call it infatuation and some believe in love at first sight.

Wendy(Laura Breckenridge) has left work with the local theatre to take a job as an assistant to Priscilla Hall (Elizabeth Röhm), a prestigious Boston designer. Hoping to launch her career to a good start she works hard around the clock to cater Priscilla's erratic work schedules.

While preparing to go hang out with her roommates in glitter makeup, Wendy receives a call from her boss, abruptly dropped her plans, instructing her to go to her penthouse.
Not much makeup to be unrecognisable but still much better than
superman(How does taking off his glasses make Super-man recognisable?)

That's how she found herself stuck in an elevator one late night with a dashing, handsome stranger.
The elevator sudden stopped caused Wendy to lose her own balance and sending her straight into the arms of the stranger. Wendy and the mystery man share an impulsive, changing kiss before the doors open and lights turn on again.

 It Was Love At First Kiss

Wendy runs out feeling embarrassed when the Christmas Carollers stand in front of them, leaving him behind. The stranger path was blocked while he was getting out of the elevator but finds her gone missing once he managed to come out.  She was the one that got away!

Wendy runs off to tell her roommates about her mystical, magical encounter with the handsome stranger who she didn't get his name when they met the first time. In disappointment she said, I will probably never see him again.

Life is unpredictable. We don't know what life has in store for us, but we know God has a plan.

The very next day, Wendy is  notify to come to Priscilla's apartment and given an assignment that involves her boyfriend home to be decorated for an upcoming Christmas fundraiser.
As she left and swung open the door, surprise, surprise. What did she see? She was about to say, how did you found me?

To her shock the handsome stranger, it turns out he's Adam Hughes (Brendan Fehr), a wealthy philanthropist. Above all, she's unaware he's her boss long distance boyfriend and possibly future husband, if Priscilla has her way.

Philanthropist: A generous person who gives money to charity, often associated with the wealthy who loves mankind (the human race) in general.

Wendy's utterly disappointment, Adam does not recognise her without her glitter shining makeup.

Sometimes we guy find it hard to recognise girls without the make up or for this case glittering shining make up but at least show some feedback like I think you're voice sound familiar, have I meet you from somewhere? Nah..

Wendy must have thought, “Does someone up there hate me that much?" Caroline think otherwise. In a way, it's been a blessing in disguise.

"I just think it's fate, how can you not having a second rendezvous with him", she explained.

Wendy got two roommates, Teresa is working on "the Nutcracker" model design and the other roommate, Caroline works at a cafe bistro. Both are concerned for her being overworked or slaved by her boss and that she is too fearful of her boss. Wendy was being very patient cause hoping she will one day becoming a successful designer like her boss.

Love the way how Caroline makes fun by mimicking a chicken as a gesture of
Wendy being afraid of her boss

Although she was reluctant to do the assignment on designing Adam's house party, trying to make quick excuses as other clients takes first priority- all to no avail.

Later at his home, Adam given a tour of his place and shares his memories of his grandmother who gave him a rare copy of Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol- First Edition. He showed the book to Wendy telling her this book is his priced possession.

Adam priced possession gave by her Grandma

Ms. Hall asked Adam if he has any idea how he wants to decorate his place. He doesn't have any but remind her how much Christmas meant to him. He hasn't been home for Christmas for a long time as he's been travelling a lot. He lets Ms Hall to transform his home to be memorable and spectacular fund raising event.

Inspired by Adam's fond memories of her grandmother, Wendy prepares design concept based on a Christmas Carol theme featuring three live Christmas trees representing Christmas past, present, and future.

When she presented her design sketches with Priscilla, she mock her idea or opinion. Adam arrives at  Priscilla's apartment and is dismay with Priscilla's own plans. He was honest in disapproving her idea as he would like the more traditional way.

 Shame on you,  Priscilla for being a copycat

The cunning fox Priscilla shows him Wendy's sketches as her own design, claiming she prepared them as an optional design just in case he doesn't like the first.

Adams instantly likened it and says, "This is exactly want I want!". Ms Hall further copied Wendy concept says,the three live Christmas trees representing Christmas past, present, and future will hung the ornament using idea from the children of arts program Adam funded.

Wendy is dazed that Priscilla would take the credit, she was afraid she would lose her job if she blew the whistle on Priscilla, exposing her for the liar and cheater she is. There is nothing Wendy can do except to swallow her pride or she could soon find herself unemployed.

When she confronted Priscilla, she said I'm your Boss, you should remember that! Yeah, all bosses are alike, they try to take credit for your work or ideas.

Sometimes life isn't fair and that she needs to deal with it, you know.

Teresa accidentally hit the nose of Priscilla while being asked to moved around the
mock antique street lamp post, sorry I can't help but smiling

Priscilla need to go away for a week to heal her wound on her nose and this have been given a real opportunity for Wendy and Adam spending time together.

Wendy realises she's falling in love. Should she risk forsake everything she's worked so hard for and tell Adam the real truth about their intimate moment on the elevator before he finally proposes to Ms. Hall? When will Adam ever open his eyes and realise that the one true love of his life is right in front of him? Love is Blind? Don't you know?

Adam treat her to dinner and an elegant carriage rides due to satisfactory on a job well done. This elegant carriage is perfect for girls reliving the unforgettable scene of Royal wedding. Also kind of fairy-tale magical ride on Cinderella carriage turns into a pumpkin at midnight.
Elevator accident act 2 as Wendy came down from carriage falls straight into Adam arms  

At the same time, Adam is having second thoughts on getting married with Priscilla. Even guys may got cold feet or just not be ready for a fully committed relationship. Adam just want to be sure she is  his right soul mate before he can leap into marriage.

He plans to return the engagement ring he bought for Priscilla as he feels they do not share much common ground that allows them to build a marriage on. Adam has grown accustomed to Wendy with whom he share much in common interest. In other words, both like the old-fashioned type. Unlike Priscilla when Adams want to play some Christmas music, she annoys by saying anything but Christmas song.

Adams went to the drama theatre. He was having doubtful thoughts on whether he will marry the right person. At the theatre,  he have been feeling uneasy about his engagement ring while looking at it.

An old friend, Charlie the janitor noticed his presence. Adam asked his opinion, "How do you know she is the one?"
Charlie sat down and said, "Our first kiss seal the deal, she(his wife) set my heart aflutter. After 39 years, her kisses still make my heart flutter".

Asking Adams is he ready to take the plunge. Adam says, "I'm thinking about it."

To Jump or Not to Jump?(into Marriage)

One night they both completed the decorations, Wendy with one switch turns all the lights on, at once transforming into a wonderful Christmas tree illuminating the whole house.
Awesome dude, a remote control to switch all Xmas lights on

Adam gave Wendy a set of Christmas movies collection but when asked if he has seen any of those given he smiled. 'Not one!' said Adam. Not even "It a wonderful life?" ,Wendy asked. Each time she watch the movie makes her cry.
So both decided to watch the movie together like going through a Christmas movie marathon.Eventually both get tired and fall asleep exhausted on the couch in each other arms.

 Have yourself a merry little Christmas movie marathon 

The next morning, Priscilla came back and found them in cuddling and asleep. Although Adam explain to her nothing happen last night, the fury Priscilla fired Wendy after he left, warning her not to see Adam again or she would use her influence to do whatever it takes to make sure she did not find a job in this line.

Priscilla found out about the text message on Adams plans to return the engagement ring and plants an engagement announcement in the newspaper, in an attempt to stop Adam from breaking up the relationship with her.

Meantime, Wendy return to her old job at the theatre and agreed to help out her roommate, Teresa with the house theatre production of "The Nutcracker". Adam and Priscilla was in the audience that night when Charlie gesture to Adam to come over at the backstage. Adam met Wendy but the rendezvous was interrupted with the arrival of Priscilla.

Wendy finally find the courage to confronts Priscilla, saying that she is not afraid of Priscilla  threatening to end her career. She regrets her decision she did not quit her job before Priscilla fired her.

Wendy : “I would rather design in a hundred community theatres than work for you anymore.”

In a final high noon showdown between Wendy, Priscilla and Adam, Wendy is not holding back anymore secrets and ready to spill the beans.
She confessed to everything, it was her who was responsible for every details in decorating Adam's house for a big fund raising party which ideas learns from listen to his heart.

Suffering from overwhelming sad and heart broken, she poured out her anguish to Adam saying, he was blind in all matters, including failing to realise she was the one who shared the passionate kiss in the elevator. Adam deserved Priscilla for not recognise Wendy's love for him.

Wendy cried in exasperation and runs off towards the elevator.

Teresa, Wendy's naughty roommate arrange the giant Nutcracker prop down to bring Priscilla to a crashing halt, in time for Adam to remove the engagement ring.

He catches up with Wendy in an elevator.

Adam apologises for his blindness as he was already deeply in love with her when he helps her out from the carriage and felt the same spark in the elevator with the mysterious woman he kissed but foolish for not figuring it out. When asked did she means when she told him she had fallen in love with him, "Yes.. I did" she replied. He soon confessed his love for her... "I fell in love too"

Wendy soon forgave him and both rekindle their love by sharing a passionate embrace and kiss when  Teresa and Charlie helped them by making the elevator suddenly stopped.

Elevator kiss revisited, Wendy lose her balance and ....

 At the end of the show their engagement is announced in the newspaper.

Happy Ending

Okay, I know people will say how this ending was too predictable but  I'm a sucker for all that mushy fairy tales happy ending.

Like all part of Disney's movie repertoire it usually end at this point with the simple phrase, 'They lived happily ever after.' 
The End


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