Saturday, 2 March 2013

The Mystery of the Haunted House

Most people like to make the mistake of jumping straight to assumptions and conclusions based on their own perceptions. Am I included? Yeah, Right.

For example, when you are approached by a guy with lots of tattoos, you end up assuming that this person could possibly be up to no good. Likewise, when you see a pretty good looking girl, straight away your brain fools you again. You think she's a nice lady.

Love is blind to physical beauty, we can't ignore that. The society's idea of beauty remind us that what is on the outside and not from inside. Whatever happened to the saying, beauty is only skin deep?
Young Lady vs Old Lady Optical Illusion. This is definitely one of the most
gotcha  amazing optical illusions of all times! 

Let me tell you a little true story...The story takes place in China.

Two brothers working hard than ever as a manual labour, hoping one day they are able to live in their own home. Their futile effort, no matter how hard they work or save, they just couldn't buy a property due to escalating housing prices in the property market have became unaffordable for the lower income group.

One day their luck has changed when they passes in front of a real estate agent's office and saw a property advertisements in the agent's window.It does seem too good to be true, a four story house price is below the market price.

There were others who try to persuade the brothers not to buy due to the house is rumoured to be haunted. Those brothers wouldn't bother with those rumours as this bargains difficult to find, whatever may be the consequences.

Thinking if there is ghost present, “Look, if you don't bother me, I won't bother you"
They were already the fifth owners of this building. None of the previous owners can last up to a month.

Everything was fine until one night the start of the night terror began. Between midnight and 3 am, strange occurrences start to happen, a strange rumbling of unknown origin gives off unusual eerie sounds that came from every floor. Even those brave brothers are getting scared by the day. Their relatives will not come to visit them anymore due to the rumours.

Both brothers try to stay optimistic and still believing the house is not haunted; it could be good explanations on this. So they went to hired someone to check whether is there any crack structure in the building that can caused the wind noises and turbulence.

The results of fact-finding is no defect found. OK, now it's time to panic.They should start worrying.

After experienced daily trouble sleeping, the anger has mounted to the extent it could prevailed against fear of ghost.They Ain't Afraid O' No Ghost No More, they must get to the bottom of this problem immediately.

One night, the search for the sound begins. They make up their mind to confront the ‘ghost’. It started from the top floor and sources of noises may be traced to plumbing system pipes.The drain pipe bizarre sound was trace by following from floor to floor till the sound has come to an end at the squat toilet. What is the next step? They discussed it among themselves and said, "Let us do or die!". The ceramic squat toilet floor was hacked but nothing found.

Undeterred by their failure, by the next morning the brothers continue the search. The septic tank was located outside of the house, the brothers use a pry bar to pry off the septic tank lid open.

No turning back now, although foul smelling, they must not give up searching.
There must be something hiding inside inside, by using a fish hand net they try to sweep whatever is inside.

Wait! There is something under water surfaces, they come up to the surface.

The mystery was unfolded, a few large cat fish was found inside the septic tank!

Flashback, what actually happened...

The first home owner likes the unique taste of this fish.So he usually gets them fresh and alive from the market and kept it temporary in a plastic container. A few of the catfish managed to escape when it jump out of the bowl, walk across the floor towards the porcelain hole in the ground, heading to freedom.

A normal fish will not survive in a septic tank but not for cat fish. It will able to survive on land and tolerate muddy, low water situations. Their main goal simple being to survive, been more like Johnny Rambo.
Now that's one ugly fish having long fleshy whisker which resemble a cat's whiskers.   When caught, this fish make a noise that sounds a bit like a cat purring.  That's how the catfish got its name

Catfish is an animal strange behaviour activity which are often more active at night and sleeping during the day. It will come out after midnight and the sound may be heard when the catfish making splash in the water, sending echoes runs through building drain piping. Some catfishes have the ability to survive for quite a while out of the water, and this is largely due to their ability to breathe through their skin and also their gills which are kept moist.

Alas, the mystery has been solved!

After this mystery was revealed to all, their home's value has skyrocketed several folds. This lessons remind us to avoid jumping to conclusions. Always make a habit of taking a closer look on all angles, to be objective and not to pass judgement until there is no concrete proof. Seeing is believing, and it's most reliable way of knowing your house is haunted.
I remember a funny commercial which the hanger of clothing created some sort of illusion of a ghost when the fan blows the clothes off that scare the daylights out of that guy when he woke up at night. 

It's definitely too early to say...its a G-Ghooost!


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