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Sunway Lagoon Theme Park Ghost House

Generally, at the end of the year most company will organise a year-end lunch or dinner for the staff but this year our company put together a company outing at Sunway Lagoon instead.
Men standing in the front row probably be drool down their shirt. Like cartoon characters the eye-popping with jaw literally drops to the floor, and his tongue unrolls like a carpet while the lovely hula girls performed.
Walking across the suspension bridge( the world's longest pedestrian suspension bridge, spanning 428m ) is not recommended for the faint-hearted but the reward  is offers you a bird eye view of the park.
A visit to Sunway Lagoon Theme Park is one of the favourite things to do especially in the hot weather. The park's latest attractions, the Vuvuzela, The World's Largest Water Ride.

The park map of Sunway Lagoon  has a huge leisure area of 139,800 square feet (13,000 square meters). Too big and may get lost,  it was formerly a tin mining area. 
If you're visiting the park  for the first time, the first and most important thing to do is to figure out where to visit first.  Study the map to to familiarise yourself with the layout of the Sunway Lagoon Theme Park before proceed because you don't want to make a mistake as not within walking distance of any theme parks.

There is 5 parks in total in the Sunway Lagoon: amusement park, extreme park. water park, animal park and scream park.

No I'm not a chicken! Bagawk. I just had my lunch. A pirate ship that can made 360° loop!

 Wildlife park was essentially a mini zoo with many exotic birds. One of them is this Indian Peacocks, males will normally only display their large and magnificent plumage  to attract attention during courtship. This is pretty much the courting days in humans male will drive a fancy car in a neighbourhood to attract gals. 

Scaring people is an art. To create an epic haunted house that people will talk about for decades, truly scaring people is hard work. Having said that it's not particularly difficult particularly especially when you're wearing a spooky costume and mask to scare the crap out of unsuspecting visitors.

I've never been into a "ghost house" of any amusement park, so what I had in my mind is those visitors will sit on electric powered two seat cars which will take you along taking the sight and sound and get a view of some of the ghost house.  I was expecting some dangling creatures from the ceiling or some mock up ghosts.

No, it's not whatever I think that will later turn out to be.

Whoops, now I feel like no longer safe anymore. I have to get out of my comfort zone and force to pay attention and alert in blackout situation. You will know that your looking for that good scare walking through their attraction by ourselves!

The maximum amount of people allowed are 20 person, a maximum of 5 people may allowed in separately at a time. If there were too many people, it may causing panicked stampedes. Visitors must adhere to verbal safety instructions, so a brief instructions will be given by the Scream park staff. We all breathed a sigh of relief when he said, "Don't worry folks, those ghost won't touch you and make sure you don't touch the ghost!". No matter how pretty or how ugly, don't touch it!  I don't think I can do this as reflex is response that we can't control.

Just to warm up the visitors, an actor made up to look like scary beings pop-up appeared out of nowhere and says, "Welcome to Scream Park!".
You guess it, now warm up your sounds for scream and shriek of "eee!". Those people who stand in front in a row of 4, suddenly don't want to be in front anymore.
Zombie promoter
The Scream Park experience begins at the Angoscia Theater of Fear. Here, you can see some clips on a large TV displaying certain events that took place in Warwick Castle which I have no interest to over indulge in. It's kind of like watching a trailer for a movie of what you're expecting to see.

The waiting is the hardest part ...Oh it's killing me not knowing what to expect.

 Many people are truly terrified of the dark, children as well as adults. We tend to pay much more attention to our hearing/ears in the dark,  as a result our minds play tricks on us in the dark.

We were then guided into a dark passage to the stairs leading down a steep corner. Watch your step, a slight mistake and you will bring all come tumbling down.

Final caution given is don't use your hand phone to take photos or video tape when you walk through and using flash would spoilt the entire spooky ambiance.

To Cut a Long Story Short. Oh, don't be a spoilsport by ruining other people's fun moments.

These were actually actors and actress portraying zombies or ghosts by putting make-up on to made up to look like scary beings, and obviously has gone through a ‘scare school’ programme to understand the psychology of fear and learn the skills of frighten the living daylights out of anybody who visits the Scream Park.

Instead of the usual high tech robotic replicating a scene from a horror movie in a theme park, the interactive scare attraction style experience will make guests feel as if they in their favourite horror movie, wandered into their worst nightmares.

The two guys in my group would like to conduct himself like a  perfect gentlemen, "A gentleman lets girls go first”. Here even to guys..Why? As we weave through maze-like paths, somewhere the ghost or zombies will  jump out at you from every corner. So that's why they pretends to be a gentleman.

Okay, let me lead the way but girls first you have to stop pulling on my shirt. Those who stand in front of his enemy will get the risk of get shot in the battle field. The same can be said of those who lead the group, they are the one who will 'protect' the group from getting the fright from sudden movement.

The actors/props will jump out and scare you with lots of scary people and zombie-types. I weave through the maze through a wall of fame exhibiting famous horror movie characters under the pulsating strobe lights and ‘GRAH!’…zombie lurking in the dark suddenly lunged for the unsuspecting visitor in front of me. In the action of a re-enactment of zombie in World War Z contained behind barbed wire.

I kept waiting for something to jump out of a corner or a wall or above. Suddenly a pretty Pontianak's in the dark, waiting to come out to pop out at me but my reaction was, "Hi I lost my way which is the direction to continue?". Sorry, but you just don't scare me or should I play along and pretending to be scare?  Can I have your number now?

Those employee in a zombie costume may encountered workplace hazards as when a person is frightened his natural instincts to protect themselves are what lead them to attack actors in horror theme park when had been scared out of their wits.

At the last stage we were given 3D glasses, visitors particularly feeling  the dizzying 3D maze, a twisting tunnel bridge that mires you in claustrophobic illusion. It seem like your mind is playing tricks on you , the tunnel is spinning while the bridge you crossing comes with handrails that allow you to walk through the perfectly safe bridge but you get a feeling of a loss of spatial awareness.

The VORTEX Tunnel is an awesome creation that fools the brain into thinking you are off balance. It is an
 Aluminium constructed  tunnel and painted pattern represent the Vortex.
There is a drive wheel/motor mechanism that rotate the tunnel you walk through. 

We have reached the end of our tour of things that go bump at night. Pocong may not too scary to look at for Westerner but the hopping pocong is terrifying to locals and Indonesians. It is an Indonesian/Malaysian ghost that is said to be the soul of a dead person trapped in its shroud.  We are expecting to see one of the Sunway pocong stationary prop to be alive but no such movement. The actor playing the ghost probably had taken a day off.

Hantu pocong are undead corpses wrapped in a white burial shroud bindings similar to the mummies of Egypt.

When people are in a dark maze, tension and fear build up to the point where your natural response is to run . Our hearts beat faster when a person is scared or excited,  make a "lub-DUPP" or "lub-DUB" sound. Adrenalin shoots through their veins, as we challenge ourselves, overcome fear and above all,  feel the rush of adrenaline!

The walk-through horror attraction at Sunway Lagoon Theme Park is certainly not for the faint-hearted. No, there  haven't got the luxury of an emergency lane to bypass the looming terror, should you decide to quit.

My personal opinion on the sunway ghost house, not so scary at all. What's my idea for a Scarier Haunted House?

1-   Would be enjoyable if using appropriate music and sound effects like spooky organ music or Michael Jackson's song Thriller evil laughter motion activated by motion sensor presence.
2-  Create a spooky atmosphere by using lighting effects for your haunt, mixing primary red, blue, and green lights.
3- Just a simple rocking chair creaking softly as it moved back and forth without anyone sitting in a chair gives me the chills.
4-  Mimicking ghost that crawls out of the TV in the movie 'The Grudge'
5- A lot of smoke or fog in the haunted attractions to set the mood.
6- To make one that is spooky, you'll need more haunted house props. Even cheap skeletons with glowing eyes, it gives you goosebumps.

Having said that about not scary, one of my fellow colleagues was terrified by the interactive walk-through experience. She's been been excited about it, but now that after exiting the building she's nervous and sobbing, at the end had a complete nervous breakdown and  just started crying like a little baby.

I'm so surprised by her reaction, she was brought to tears out of fear. I didn't see it coming at all. Despite her tough appearance, she turned out to be an exceptional timid personality.  Like The Old Saying Goes, Tough on the outside, soft on the inside.

She was brought into the first aid clinic but no medication use for treatment. I am not sure whether they have treated person with an anxiety disorder before or post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) that may develop after a person has experience a traumatic event of shock. She probably had nightmare, bad dream, whatever you want to call it tonight, being tormented by a clawed killer in her dreams named Freddy Krueger.

There is one thing you should you do after you leaving the fake Haunted House. Make sure the real spirit did not tag along or follow you back to haunt in your home!

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